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    I picked up Thundercracker and Skyhammer recently. To me, Skyhammer is hands down the best helicopter TF I own. And like an idiot, I tried following the directions and attempted to pull off the rotor.

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    I bought Skyhammer, but haven't opened him yet.

    I doubt he's in the movie, but maybe I'll want him for my display as a human-helicopter anyway?

    I might want to consider removing the Autobot emblems.

    Tough situation to be in for a guy who loves Blackout.

    Anyway, Kup is still shipping to stores, so some of the later figures like Warpath and Wreck-Gar that you all have been looking for, could still turn up.

    I got Cyberverse Powerglid and opened him up. Great figure and cool transformation!

    I also got Human Alliance Roadbuster (2 of 'em) from Wal-Mart. I haven't opened one yet, but I'm really excited about this one! He looks great and there's a lot of detail on the NASCAR!
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    Skyhammer is likely going to be the best figure in the line, he's that good. I am so tired, spammer posting inappropriate material keeping me from sleeping, making me delete, why did I have to check one last time?!? Anyway, Skyhammer is very good. The head is very "hero" though, doubt you can ever get him to look Decepticon, a repaint with a new head will probably come from Hasbro. But as a human helo, well, he's not an American design, I think he's based loosely on the Russian Hind helicopter, not sure where that could fit in.

    I picked up Powerglide, very nifty, combined gun sucks but the rest is good. The landing gear is really odd, I had it working fine earlier, just barely keeping the nose down, then I adjusted his arm to see if it was a 3mm rail-system clip (it is) and now his thighs touch the ground instead of the wheels, which DEFINITELY keeps the nose down, but IMO isn't right.

    I picked up Megatron today, a surprisingly decent figure, a few things in the figure that aren't in the instructions (the vehicle mode lets the trailer rotate if you keep the wheels from folding in, and the fusion cannon's claw mode can be locked in place by rotating the ladder), but unfortunately, the very confusing instructions back to alt mode ended up causing me to break the tiny Mack Truck bulldog right off the nose. I'm going to try to get WM to replace it, but I foresee forgetting that step again in a few years and off ol' doggy will come. That part of the transformation is downright ugly, getting the grille and bumper and arms to line up or spread apart, which is too bad because everything else on this transform is fun and clever. His coloring does suck though, super bland, and he's pretty small for a Voyager, but I'd recommend him.

    I came into this thread to warn you guys about being careful on the Mack hood ornament and rambled on. Just like the old days!

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    Here's the photos from yesterday's trip to Botcon:

    I took notes at the Saturday Hasbro panel, will try to have them up tomorrow since I'm going back today for more convention fun.

    Not a lot of reveals this time, and zero really big stuff, nothing Tycho was looking forward too.

    Generations is continuing through the year.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Here's the photos from yesterday's trip to Botcon:

    I took notes at the Saturday Hasbro panel, will try to have them up tomorrow since I'm going back today for more convention fun.

    Not a lot of reveals this time, and zero really big stuff, nothing Tycho was looking forward too.

    Generations is continuing through the year.
    I thought the Unicron reveal was a pretty big deal. And the fact that Generations is continuing. And the Prime figures looked amazing, IMHO. But yeah - they teased another Arcee and I just want them to show her to me.

    Also, I was impressed with Masterpiece Rodimus. Looks better in person than in pictures.
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    What exactly makes the new unicron a "masterpiece" edition? Looks like the same on that came out with armada with a new paint scheme.

    Does the Masterpiece Hot Rod actually convert to Rodimus Prime? Truck and all?
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    It also has a new head sculpt to be more movie accurate. Maybe it's not fair to call it Masterpiece, but I found the head sculpt and deco to be the only real complaints I had about the figure.

    MP Rodimus does not come with the trailer like the Japanese version, but does come with his Targetmaster (and a matrix too large to fit in his chest, sadly...)
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    Yeah, the "American Version" is coloured to look more like the toys, and as Chaddy said, no trailer and comes with a targetmaster "Offshoot", whoever that is. Last I remember, HR's targetmaster pal's name was "Firebolt". Personally, I like the original release better. That's just me though. Pictures:

    The Unicron looks fantastic though, I was unable to get the 2010 Anniversary release of him so I'll be definitely picking this one up.

    Is this the Arcee you were talking about? It's the one from the "Prime" cartoon: Or was there another one you meant?

    I also saw some pictures of 3rd party versions of Huffer and Powerglide which look near exact to their cartoon versions, as well as iGear's "Not-Ironhide and Ratchet" both of whom look fantastic.

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    "Offshoot" was used because they don't have the TM for "Firebolt". I was foaming at the mouth for Ironhide and Ratchet. Huffer and Powerglide were cute, but looked a little too much like Stikfas to me. I preferred the Seaspray/Powerglide that Fansproject had on display at the TF Source booth.
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    Damned TM's screwin things up again. ;/ Freakin hate that.

    Yeah, I saw pictures of those two as well. I do like the Generations/Universe Voyager class Seaspray from last year, but there's just some transformers that will always be "minibots" to me and these guys are it. I did see Windcharger displayed though, and I thought it funny, as it didn't really see a US release. Gives me hope though that maybe we will sooner or later.

    Fansproject and iGear are the two 3rd Party companies that really attract my attention. I've yet to buy anything from either of them that wasn't stellar. I only wish that Hasbro would take a clue from them.

    iGear's facebook posted a teaser picture up, and from what I can tell they plan to make their own versions of the mini-bots. Pictured fully are their "Not" versions of Seaspray and Huffer, and from left to right I can see silhouettes of Beachcomber, Brawn and either Windcharger or possibly Wheelie, and on the bottom: (Possibly) Pipes, Powerglide and Cosmos. Link to picture:


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