Target has the wave 2 Cyberverse Commander w/ Base sets $2 off right now. I saw a few Megatrons and 1 Optimus Prime, but the Prime has really bland paint, and the trailer is truly cheapo in design, so I went with Megs.

CyCmdr Megatron is alright, they got detail in and a fairly nice transformation for a small figure. Paint is blah. He towers above Cmdr Optimus.

The trailer actually has much more going on than Hasbro seems to realize, the little guns link at the ends suggesting another shape, the "wings" are really mech arms that the instructions don't understand, and so on. Not fantastic, and the line is a ripoff at $15, but fun if you have imagination to figure out the trailer better than the Hasbro folks.

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Wait, what's one per case? Grapple, Windcharger, or both?
I'm complaining about Windcharger being 1 per case, but I believe the Voyager case is 1 per case for each figure as well.

That makes perfect sense. I mean, really. Who would toss in some low-demand classic character reissue and expect him to be nearly as popular as a random, made-up repaint of Seaspray?
Yeah, gotta make sure a mold that's pegwarmed hard can pegwarm hard in new colors rather than move one that's been hot every iteration of the mold's release. It's about focus, son!

I've got a feeling I'm just going to pick up every one of each I see (assuming I do see any), and find the extras nice homes among the folks here.
Damned right.

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The scout cases I've seen are 2 figure per case so far. I'm still hunting for a Windcharger myself, all but given up. I haven't seen any new Star Wars or Transformer figures (Barring the movie garbage) in several months, just kind of depressing. Hope you guys have better luck than me!
The scout listings for the Windcharger case are 1 per case for each character, including the physical case they had on display at Botcon that the official store was selling for $48. Total jerk move on Hasbro's part. I've also all but given up, and Hasbro's boys toys lines are depressing right now, total distribution failure for the last 6 months.

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I can't say they were here in abundance, but I just found Thundercracker, Wheeljack, and Warpath at Wal-Mart as well about a half hour ago. I wasn't even looking for toys, or planning to go out, but the handle on the toilet broke and, well, we must have two functioning toilets.
Ugh, so frustrating to hear that after dropping $20 on HTS for Warpath (stupid expensive shipping).

BTW, the toilet can still flush without the handle, though your ladies might not be interested. Either manually move the flush mechanism, or bypass it by pouring a lot more water into the bowl very quickly (a toilet system is a siphon, adding more water raises the water level causing the siphon to draw it all out, you don't even need the tank portion really).