Perhaps the dog figure (Steeljaw) could be posed eating a scaled human figure that resembles Michael Bay?

I heard about Leadfoot's problems from my scalper-friend since he's also a collector and opens his personal toys. He said the same thing about the chest, JT - good review though. So thanks.

I am still going to pursue 2 of these figures however. I like the Wreckers and I think the cars with numbers on them remind me of the G1 days with Smokescreen, Jazz, Wheeljack (?), and others who had racing numbers on them. That's probably why I like them - and I've occasionally been to some NASCAR races. There's some exhilleration to it that I can identify with.

So I'm looking to get all 3 Wreckers in all reasonable sizes:

Cyberverse - just needs Roadbuster (confirmed for release soon)

Deluxe - Leadfoot confirmed - in some Target exclusive 2-pack with Twin-Twist (EU) I think

Human Alliance - Target Exclusive Leadfoot, Top Spin's status here unknown (but I'd want him for sure)

Hopefully, if Hasbro makes a HA TopSpin, it will warrant a better review.

BTW, I've seen my scalper-friend's Leadfoot and I think they way the designers tried to put the front wheels together in the robot's chest, sort of like how the Batpod transforms, is actually a pretty decent attempt at something new and creative. That they attempted something other than the routine transformation can still be commended.