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FYI: I was going through the printable coupons on target.com, and one is a manufacturers coupon (good only at Target) for "$5 off your total TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon toy purchase of $5.99 or more." It expires 10/16/2011.

Yup, that's $5 off $5.99. I'm stopping by tomorrow, and methinks that's a deal I'll have to use if they have Powerglide or Guzzle in stock.
It probably won't work. It doesn't work online the way it's supposed to (it says even at $79 in my cart that it's insufficient to meet the requirements) and I suspect if you actually print it, it won't say $5 off $5.99 on the printed version. If it does, LMK, I unlocked it back when it first hit, but never printed: http://coupons.target.com/transformers-coupons