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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    FYI: I was going through the printable coupons on, and one is a manufacturers coupon (good only at Target) for "$5 off your total TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon toy purchase of $5.99 or more." It expires 10/16/2011.

    Yup, that's $5 off $5.99. I'm stopping by tomorrow, and methinks that's a deal I'll have to use if they have Powerglide or Guzzle in stock.
    It probably won't work. It doesn't work online the way it's supposed to (it says even at $79 in my cart that it's insufficient to meet the requirements) and I suspect if you actually print it, it won't say $5 off $5.99 on the printed version. If it does, LMK, I unlocked it back when it first hit, but never printed:
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    I printed it and used it to get Powerglide yesterday for $2.99. Since we have two computers, I printed a second one in the hopes of finding Guzzle (though I'll get something for that sort of discount, even if it's a Christmas present or for Toys for Tots).
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    JT, how large is that Titanium Ultra Magnus again? I think you addressed that on the phone, but it was late and I forgot.

    What figures would the titanium be on scale to?

    1) could a Hot Rod Deluxe pretend to be Rodimus Prime next to Magnus in robot mode?

    2) what size Autobot cars could Magnus carry on his trailer? Deluxe? Cyberverse? Scout?

    3) Decepticons that should be Magnus' size (Deluxe Cyclonus, Galvatron, Scourge) are in that proportion to him?

    The RiD figure doesn't look very good at all.

    So I'm trying to figure if I should turn to eBay for the Titanium Magnus.
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    Hasbro in talks with Steven Spielberg and MICHAEL BAY on Transformers 4!

    This could be awesome!

    It would surely mean "no re-boot" for the franchise (unless they use time travel since Megatron is dead)!

    Why would Michael Bay make new movies that negate his old films?

    Next - those of us that mostly collect the movie toys will get a break (but I just bought Titanium Ultra Magnus - haven't received him yet, but he's coming).

    However, this could mean new movie characters like Galvatron, CYCLONUS, Scourge - many Decepticons since most were killed.

    On the Autobot side, I'm not sure about the Death of Optimus Prime (again). They did that in ROTF for live action, and as the historic successor, Rodimus Prime hasn't really been introduced. He will not be Bumblebee - becoming the new leader. No! I love Camaro Bumblebee just the way he is. SideSwipe and Ratchet are the only other older, established Autobots still alive who could take on the leader role - but neither is appropriate. Let's keep Prime. If Dino is Hot Rod, he needs greater character introduction and I would oppose even the move to make him Hot Rod in the first place.

    BTW - I've always been an OPTIMUS Prime fan. Ultra Magnus might be cool for some stories, but he hasn't been introduced either.

    On the Decepticon front, Prime didn't leave enough pieces of Megatron behind to make Galvatron out of the scrap. He's gone. Time travel seems to be the only way to bring him back. Soundwave and Blackout, and Shockwave (also terminated by Prime) seem to be the most loyal Decepticons who would do it. Starscream is dead anyway - should have been at Megatron's hands after a power struggle - but Starscream would never bring Megatron back anyway. Barricade might be the only Decepticon who's fate we are still unsure of.

    On the other hand, Hasbro could make waves in the franchise by inventing "NEW DECEPTICON ONE," - a new character never seen before to be the new movie threat (they already told a great story about an Autobot betrayer in Sentinel Prime - DOTM was perfect in that regard).

    But BAY could be lured back - for the money no doubt. Perhaps it's not what he wanted from his career, but maybe he'll even do 6 Transformers movies - or make them for the rest of his life. JEDITRICKS, your concern should be about who they hire to WRITE these movies.

    I would be fine seeing Sam and Carly return, married, with Daniel as their first born. A movie set in space, on Cybertron, another planet, or even on earth and under water with aquatic Transformers (SeaSpray?!) might be very different and new. Plus the Sharkticons could be totally reinvented as very dangerous threats (think like the Hydrobots in Terminator Salvation).

    Yeah, I could live with a movie carried by Hot Rod and Kup, with Springer, Arcee, and Blurr and Ultra Magnus as a good lieutenant to Prime (not dead or dying) for the 4th movie. Optimus should not die and there will be no Rodimus Prime in movie 4.

    The new threat HAS TO BE Decepticons of some kind. Create a new villain from amongst them. One who will be brand new and never seen before, but who can eventually carry the weight of Megatron.

    I think Transformers that are Autobots and take on our military's forms to work with N.E.S.T. should also be featured - specifically Warpath, Powerglide, Brawn, and Hound.

    Mirage and a real Wheeljack (not "Que") should enter the story - as might Trailbreaker and Sunstreaker, Smokescreen, Windcharger, and Cliffjumper (not a Camaro like BumbleBee but something new). Bumblebee and Ratchet should still make appearances and not be killed off - ever. That's just cheap. Jazz and Ironhide of the original five bought it. Enough of that - and we can keep SideSwipe safe too - unless there's a dramatic death planned for him that's worthy of the character - which should otherwise be further developed. Maybe he'll take Ironhide's place as Sgt. of Arms? (I don't think Kup should get that role, even though I think his being featured is important. Find something else for him to do.)

    If you want Dinobots - ever - I think a movie first introducing Transformers beasts like the Sharkticons is called for first. A fifth movie can have Dinobots - and a true Wheeljack to create them.

    Wheeljack could have been Que's young apprentice. (And Dino is more like Sunstreaker than Hot Rod or Mirage - I still want a true Mirage character in the films, called by his name.)
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    It will probably be Unicron if there is a 4th movie. Unicron could resurrect Megatron as Galvatron as well as resurrecting the other dead Decepticons as Scourge and Cyclonus. I fully expect Dinobots and Tidal Wave.
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    Well I for one dislike most "fantasy." Fantasy as distinguished from science fiction.

    "A mystical energy field that controls all living things," is an oversimplified explanation that's reminisive of fantasy.

    Midi-Chlorians is something scientifically measurable that is a part of evolution in the SW galaxy and an answer to a question realistic characters would ask: "How come everybody can't access the Force?"

    The All-Spark giving life is a ridiculous fantasy plot device that needs to have good science written around it to bring the TF movie franchise up to my preferred standards.

    Unicron would need an explanation for certain. Did he build Cybertron or is it a dead or deactivated Transformer brother to Unicron as well - a movie answer hasn't been written whether or not the comics or G1 had an answer.


    Next since Optimus Prime is smart, and I would not like him to be stupid -Megatron and every last part of him and his memory core was all destroyed - as well as Sentinel Prime's, Starscream's, Soundwave's, etc. There are no parts for Unicron to build Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge with. They could be completely new characters, not having anything to do with their predacessors.


    The Dinobots are still a problem for me: - only in that they need a plausible reason for them to be constructed. And then I'm OK with it. Grimlock is a lot of fun.

    TFW2005 posted pictures of DELUXE Leadfoot and HA Soundwave with Gould and Laserbeak! They look awesome and like some of the best movie-bots yet!

    Every notice how that's true? Mass pre-release movie products tend to be lower quality.
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    (From the old comic book, so far as I know the only origin ever given for Unicron.)

    Unicron was the Chaos-Bringer, an exceptionally powerful entity who existed only to destroy. He destroyed the entire previous universe and slept in the nothingness. Or so he thought. Remaining fragments of the previous universe combined, causing the Big Bang that created the present universe. Unicron awoke and began to destroy the new universe. The sentient core of the universe (don't ask--it was never explained) created Primus to stop Unicron. The two fought, and Primus realized that their battle was causing more and faster destruction than Unicron was capable of on his own. He lured Unicron to the astral plane, then re-materialized them both in dormant, metallic planets (which were apparently thrown to opposite ends of the universe). Unicron soon learned to re-shape his prison into a robotic planet that could transform into a likeness of his former body. Primus created thirteen Transformers with shapeshifting powers like his nemesis, bestowing upon one (Prima) his life force in the form of the Creation Matrix. Unicron now searches for Primus, who has foreseen that Unicron can be destroyed either by the Creation Matrix or the combined, allied forces of all Autobots and Decepticons.

    Oh, and Grimlock's been a Mustang and a tank in addition to a T-rex.
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    The cartoon gave Unicron an origin as well - said he was built by some monkey. Oh, G1.

    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    El Chuxter, that's actually a pretty cool mythology about Unicron and Primus (Cybertron, I guess).

    I'm not sure how the All Spark will fit into that, but Michael Bay will just hire some model with T's and A to make us forget worrying about the rest of it. So it's all good.

    So were there 13 Primes or 7? or did 7 try and stop The Fallen, leaving (and counting The Fallen as a Prime), 5 remaining Primes, to include Sentinel and Optimus (the last being the one that Jetfire had heard of).

    Or do the Cybertronians not know the identities of all the last Primes, thus there could be 3 more out there: Rodimus, Nemesis, and one more that Michael Bay could create? [This would be Boobilicious Prime - who transforms from X-Rated Theater to Pretender Robot and back - thus showing Michael Bay's talent for understanding the franchise enough to recreate it in his own image.

    But no seriously - then there could be 3 remaining Primes - Rodimus, Nemesis, and ???
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    The original Thirteen weren't all Primes. Only the Matrix-holder is a Prime. They've also been retconned to be mulitversal singularities, which is every bit as confusing as you'd think.

    The original Matrix-holder was called Prima in most sources, though I think he's also been called Prime Nova (who was a later Prime in the Marvel comic book). Others included the bartender Maccadam, an evil Transformer called Liege Maximo (who has no relation to the Decepticons, IIRC), Megatronus (AKA The Fallen, who worshipped Unicron and inspired the Decepticons eons later), Alpha Trion (who may or may not have been called A3 at some point), Vector Prime (yeah, I know that I said there's only one Prime at a time, but it gets really confusing with all the retconning, so just bear with me.

    Looking at the Wikia page for The Thirteen, it looks like a lot have been retconned out (including Maccadam, which sucks, since the idea of a multiversal bar free from the war was a cool one). There used to be several RiD and Energon characters in there. And they're all Primes now, mostly new ones.

    Yeah, their retconning all over the place is confusing as hell.
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