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Apparently, the last waves of the DOTM line will be Asia-only. Way to fail, Hasbro.
Did you see a link that covers this story.

As you know, I really want the following previously announced DOTM toys:

Deluxe Soundwave
Deluxe Que (Michael Bay's substitute for Wheeljack)

Human Alliance Soundwave with Elliot Gould action figure and Lazerbeak in scale.

I also saw as very possible:

Deluxe Dino (red Ferrari)
Deluxe Barricade (white Chicago PD repaint)

Voyager "Dread" (Crankcase or another one that hasn't been offered)

Human Alliance Barricade (white Chicago PD repaint)
Human Alliance Top Spin (to complete the Wreckers Team)

Human "Nemesis" Sideways from ROTF with 2 "Alice" figures (Isabel Lucas, and robot mode)
Human "Nemesis" Rampage (bulldozer) with Ron Witwicky Prisoner and / or Ravage Legends figure re-pack

CyberForce Commander Class DOTM Starscream

Other than Masterpiece or other Michael Bay Transformers products, I don't intend to continue to collect Transformers because I don't have the room, nor the display furniture I even do have the room for right now, and besides toy collecting, I like to travel (often to out-of-state baseball games), go to a lot of rock concerts and select theater shows, and I want to go to the Transformers ride in Universal Studios, the new Star Tours at Disneyland, rent speedboats, and a whole lot more that's made easier by not even getting into TF Prime, inspite of the fact I'll probably like it.

But Peter Cullen does the voice work on that show, huh? Hmmmm. Peter is Optimus Prime as far as I'm concerned. That alone tempts me....