Oh, I nearly forgot, I picked up DOTM Human Alliance basic Thunderhead on clearance at Target this weekend, $5.24. The figure doesn't merit a full review, but it's also not as bad as I thought it'd be.

Bot mode is ok, a lot of backpack perhaps, but overall the bot mode looks alright (definitely more bad guy than the Autobot he is though), and the feet fold past flat to more of a toes look which helps with his proportions. The articulation is a little frustrating with a lot of limitations at the knees and ankles, but most frustrating is a lack of swivel at the anywhere along the arm, so the hands end up SIDEWAYS to the elbow articulation - he can only hold stuff like he's doing bicep curls! Also, there are 3mm clip weapons on his backpack which can't really be deployed here, and no useable clip-rails in bot mode (there are clip-rails at the elbows but they are slightly too small so the weapons just dangle face down making them useless).

Transformation to alt mode is overly simple, basically it's just rotating the backpack around, folding up a few greebles, and repositioning the limbs.

The official alt mode is an unarmored, 1-man spider-tank with hexagon-plated treads at the end of every limb. The treads cannot truly lay flat due to their "motor" ends being fatter than the treads themselves, but there are a lot of position ideas that can be worked out, especially since the treads have hexagon-plates which could suggest multi-direction movement akin to a mecanum wheel. The instructions say the robot arms just rotate around, yet they're on a set of hinges which let them pivot all the way around to cover the neck-hole despite no mode using that range of motion, so I assume that the designers meant them to move there to cover that hole and stick out the front diagonally, that also makes the front tread-legs equidistant to the rear now. It's still pretty half-assed though.

Transformation to weapon mode has a little more going on with the lower torso folding down to create a mech suit for the driver with a gun over his head, there's even a fold-down panel with outer grips and gauges and buttons on the inner section. The arms don't end up reaching past this cockpit in this mode, making it a bit dubious a design, and the hands fold past straight to 90 degrees up, suggesting something else was intended for them, but it's not a terrible mech suit. I'd argue that this is actually the vehicle mode, and the walking tank is the weapon mode since it's more of a traditional cannon shape, but neither mode has a 5-mm peg that can be gripped by another bot the way the rest of the HA weapon modes have.

The human figure is a basic military guy, really not much going on, he's light colored and has a tiny autobot logo on his chest. Like the other humans in this basic line, he's shorter than the original HA figures and thus his ability to reach the controls of the tank are quite compromised, the head has to be slid all the way back just to get there.

All in all, at $10 this is pretty mediocre, but it's not as bad as packaging, official images, and crummy instructions would suggest.