Sounds expensive. Very expensive. And with the 4th movie on the horizon, who knows what Hasbro will do with those figures.

Soundwave in DOTM turns into a stock Mercedes SLS, the one with gull wing doors. The scale would be 1:24th to fit HA. If that's what it is, you might as well buy 1, if it's anything like this one then the only differences are the silver secondary inlet grilles instead of black:

I didn't even know there was a 3rd party LC Blackout until your post. I looked it up, it looks... very hollow from the back, and very rough in design:
still, if they can keep working on it and get it looking better as it goes along, they could really have something here. This is another case where I really want to support Hasbro's rights to defend their IP, but they are simply ignoring the pleas made by the market leaving many fans unfulfilled, and show no interest in listening or compromising with their market, making it easy for the fan base to turn a blind eye to the company complaining about others violating their rights.