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3rd party means they are not directly involved, they are not an active party in the brand's business, they are neither official producer nor consumer, they are outside the licensed transaction, hence "third party". It's like narrative:

first person - "I took the gun in my hand and squeezed the trigger, the recoil flung my arm back and cut my thumb open. I went to clean the wound with iodine, its stench and color turned my stomach. Afterwards, I grabbed more shells from the box and could feel my face tighten as I loaded each one, knowing what each one could be fated for."
second person - "You walked down the hall, the shackles around your ankles chafed with every step, each one produced a rhythmic clanking which was music to your ears - the last music you'd ever hear. A priest stopped you and performed last rites. You looked into his dead eyes and knew that he would have to suffer a thousand more deaths, while you were on your way to your final one. They shaved your head and off you went to the chamber, you couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces."
third person - "He watched as the woman left the club and walked hurriedly to her car. As she scanned the surroundings, he ducked down under the sill of his DeSoto and listened until he heard her door slam and motor turn over, then he popped back up. Quickly he hit the starter and pulled out of the space with his lights still off to avoid catching her attention. His target wasn't going to lose him so quickly, even if she was being careful. That money was going to be in his hands in only a few hours, he could already feel each bill."

Notice that first person narrative speaks as the protagonist, the second person narrative speaks to the protagonist, and the third person narrative speaks of the protagonist - while remaining outside the parties those involved in the story.
Very didactic (and the Continental Op would be pleased by the examples). You know, JT, in the teaching profession, we're always looking for a few good men (and women) to help indoctrinate the youth of this country.