I FINALLY found the new legions (the answer to your question is yes, Chux) last Sunday at the Walmart in my parents' town. Got Evac, Breakdown, Mirage, and Soundwave.

On a side note, I find it interesting that one Walmart (the one here in my town) can have little to no new toys, and get virtually nothing new in for weeks at a time, while another Walmart (the one in my parents' town) has twice the number of toy aisles and has full pegs. Distribution is quite tricky at times.

Anyway, I gotta say the wait for these guys was frustrating, but now that I have them in hand I'm pleased. I was a bit concerned with Evac, as some guys on TFW were having qc issues with theirs, but mine is just fine. Mirage is cool, but being a Sideways repaint, there isn't much surprise there. Breakdown is very nifty. I like his uniqueness, and for a legion he's quite solid. Soundwave is the same as his dotm predecessor, just with a different paintjob and another one of those gummy bear weapons.

I also got deluxe Hot Shot and Breakdown at another Walmart last week. Haven't opened either yet.

The hunt continues for Voyager Starscream and Bulkhead. A friend of mine texted me the other night to inform me that the TRU near him (an hour and a half away from me) had both but were $27 each before tax.

I'm not even sure I should bother looking for Vehicon at this point. From what I'm reading on TFW, people are going nuts for that figure.
I can wait it out..or one of you kind west-coasters could help me out.