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So while some of you are discussing your high-end 3rd party pieces, I will continue to stay on the cheap end of the fandom.

Amazon had a special on the KO Ravage usb drives. I got one for $10.47 shipped. Anyone else here have one?
I feel ya there, I'm only speaking academically on the high-end stuff as there's no way I'm spending that much coin for ANYTHING Transformers.

I see that price on the KO Ravage, it's a cute idea but it's like double the size of the real one, and I barely use flash drives anymore, and I have G1 Ravage re-release, Classics Ravage, Alternators Ravage v1, Energon Ravage, and ROTF Legends Ravage, so I have plenty of him. Also, the software on the real version seems like a must-have if one gets the drive itself.

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Amazing how all these third parties can make obvious knockoff Transformers that are better than what Hasbro makes itself, but Hasbro usually doesn't seem to give a $%^&.

I can't fathom Warner Brothers being cool with, say, IDW or Image making Batman comics that are better than Grant Morrison's and Scott Snyder's bizarre crap.

(For the record, I love both those writers on other books. I friggin' hate them both on Batman. Of course, even Larry Hama didn't get a pass from me when he wrote substandard Batman comics. Guys like Alan Grant set that bar way, way too high.)
Hasbro gives a huge care on the matter, they've been doing quite a bit to stem the tide of KOs and 3rd party, and have had angry words. They barred all 3rd party from Botcon this year. Why Hasbro doesn't just defeat them at their own game by playing to that market though, I can't answer, it's like Hasbro is intentionally throwing away money - I think the recent slate of Masterpieces is them trying to address that aspect though.

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I don't think its a case of them not caring, its just there's not much they can do about it at this point since all of these third party groups are based in China.
They have a team in China working on it finally, but this is a symptom of Hasbro doing business with China - they hire unscrupulous factories over there to make their toys, train them on designing TF product, it's too far for them to have enough oversight, so eventually when a market demanding related product appears and Hasbro doesn't respond to that market, it leaves Hasbro open to all these contractor factories and designers and such cashing in on those markets. Hasbro really should have kept a tighter rein on them from the beginning with heavier oversight, now the horse has left the barn and they're just now gathering parties to close the barn doors.

Anyone thinking about going for "Hegemon?" I'm thinking about it after my finances recover a bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1qwi...layer_embedded
I hadn't heard about that one, I like the thought behind it, but at $100 it looks too fiddly for my tastes, I'd consider it for $50 though. I don't know why these companies bother putting the blaze orange caps on the barrels, the law in the US says they have to be PERMANENTLY AFFIXED to be legal, so they will not pass inspection anyway.