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TFW2k5 posted pics of a few new FOC TFs, holy crap are they small deluxes! FOC Jazz is a whole head smaller than RTS Jazz, and Shockwave is the same height. So dumb!
They are a bit smaller, but RtS Jazz is also kinda tall for current deluxes. He's bigger than deluxe G2 Prime!

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Found the wave 4 figures today. Picked up airachnid and dead end.
I picked up Halloween Wheeljack today too as well as Greybee. Deadend's colors are insane and that's why I like it. I think I may repaint his rims though. Green rims are just.. wrong. I think Greybee goes well with the blade Bumblebee Micron that came out a few weeks ago. It makes him different enough for me: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-n...0/DSCF1903.JPG