Sorry for the late reply. My internet has been down since Sunday night when we experienced some rather severe storms..I have never seen golf ball size hail fall like rain until then.

To answer your question about wave 4 JT, they are pretty decent figures. There aren't really any surprises, as we have already seen them before, except for airachnid. She is hands down the weak spot in this wave. The alt mode helicopter is solid, and I like it, but when you transform her into robot mode you will notice that the legs don't quite support the figure and the head is very limited in its movement. The head is on a ball joint, but you can't really rotate it fully because the cockpit of the copter folds back when you transform it, so that gets in the way of any real articulation in that area. If you plan to get it I look forward to your thoughts, because in all honesty its lacking in those areas, but yet I find myself not hating it like a lot of folks are over on Tfw2005. If you are familiar with Peaugh's video reviews, you know he is usually an optimistic reviewer, looking for the good in any figure. Well if you take a look at his take on airachnid, he doesn't keep that tone too well.

Dead end and Shadow Strike bee are just repaints of molds we have already seen, but Dead end does have a different head. What I like about Dead end is how the colors just pop. He looks like a rastafarian jack-o-lantern, and I love it. Add the neon green swords and he makes a perfect compliment to Wheeljack.

Shadow bee is completely the same mold, but with new grey paint. What I like about it is how a few extra paint apps to the body and head make the features more evident.

Now I am awaiting the wave 4 revision case, as it is supposed to have 2 vehicons in it.