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I'm very uninterested in the MP offerings this year. Thundercracker is marred by some downright idiotic stickers, which might sound like a minor deal, but he's $70. Prime, well, the first is still one of the best figures ever made, and the simple addition of a trailer won't be nearly enough to entice me to spend a ton more for a new one.
Thundercracker's pilot art - tail and fuselage - aren't stickers, they're painted. I think the tail art might be easy to scrape off as it's white paint on black plastic, the easiest to remove. The "say cheese" Reflector fuselage art is another thing altogether.

MP Optimus is not the same as the one from 5 years ago, it's an all-new figure that's got different stuff going on, an all-new sculpt that's less simplistic and features more of the character than the truck (and yet the truck mode also looks better). It's also a shorter scale though. But it has Roller, where the original MP trailer didn't. I bought the TRU exclusive preorder after seeing Chaddy's import version for only a few minutes.

It doesn't matter, you won't be able to find 'em anyway.