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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    EDIT: AAAH! Annoying! They're using FedEx Smartpost which means I'm at the mercy of the Post Office to deliver Bruticus, maybe it'll show up at 9am Friday, maybe it'll show up next week.
    Friday? You overestimate them. The Smartpost BS makes it take at least a day longer than either FedEx or the Postal Service would take alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Friday? You overestimate them. The Smartpost BS makes it take at least a day longer than either FedEx or the Postal Service would take alone.
    I know how it works - FedEx delivers to the PO who delivers it to me, but Amazon Prime is fast, the package is already in California and might be delivered in a few minutes, or Saturday, Monday, or who knows. If it doesn't get here today, I'm going to complain to Amazon about the inadequacy of using Smartpost for Prime shipping though, it's unacceptable that a hefty annual fee for free 2 day shipping gets occasionally saddled with a shipping method known for its inability to deliver in a reasonable manner.

    My MP Prime finally showed up, they didn't even ring the doorbell, I had checked the door 5 minutes prior to find nothing, and then got an email saying it was delivered and there it was. TRU's shipping method wasn't that great, just 1 airpack and it got punctured when they closed the box, luckily nothing was actually wrong with the packaged item within.

    First impressions:

    The packaging is a bit awkward, it's a rectangular window box attached to a cardboard flared base. Prime is off to the side holding the matrix chamber open, while his trailer and goodies take up the rest of the box. The main tray is lopsided at the bottom which makes standing outside the box impossible. Getting most out was easy, Prime also has rubber bands running through his chest holding a small tray over the matrix in his chest and getting those bands out requires transforming partway. The instructions are hard to find, they're in the window box but under the thick back insert at the bottom.

    Prime and the trailer have rubber wheels. Prime has die-cast toe chunks and heelspurs, and the matrix is die-cast with a clear blue plastic crystal at the center.

    The trailer is pretty nifty, although hard to open the main halves. The swing out base legs with the geared feet that drop down are a nice touch. The trailer interior has a lot of sculpted relief detail but no paint, and feels like it could have another thing going on, the fold-down seats are an odd touch but not unwelcome. There are no missiles for the manned repair / battle pod, but the trailer has fold-down doors on the top to let that pod stick out the top with the trailer closed around it.

    Prime's truck looks really nice, easily the best truck mode so far. This set is a good representation of the experience of that original G1 Prime. The truck of course takes a lot of liberties - the high rear deck and the tiny side windows and sculpted doors - but overall it just holds up as being a nice-looking solid truck-like thing. The truck isn't as solid as it looks, there are a few panels that need massaging, but mainly it's not difficult. There are some fit & finish issues from using so much plastic though, panels that don't seat or line up quite right including the back of the truck. They left the toe chunks/truck tail unpainted. There's still no actual 5th-wheel although the pretense of one was barely sculpted on the legs. The trailer has the swivel with a pair of prongs that plugs into the truck.

    The transformation is interesting, not as frustrating in the chest as MP-1, but still has a lot going on that requires things happening at specific times.

    The bot looks pretty good, the proportions are more towards the cartoon look, which means smaller head, and the only real difference to the cartoon look is the smaller rectangular windows for the chest rather than the big square ones on the show. The arms seem a touch too long, but largely it looks good. It's quite different from MP-1, and considerably smaller which gives it more of an accessible feeling, a toy you could reasonably pick up and pose and interact with. The only die-cast metal are the toe chunks, heel spurs, and a small part of the spine/torso. The matrix requires the crystal at the center to be facing inwards for the chest to close fully, and even then it doesn't quite get there by a few millimeters. The chest doors don't close that well in general though, sitting at slightly mismatched heights due to the hinge pin shot through the plastic at slightly different angles - this is a common Hasbro manufacturing issue but on a bigger figure that costs this much, it stands out that much more. Sculpting is pretty good, the arms seem a tad toyetic in their sculpting, but otherwise it holds up with a good amount of detail that's not over the top.

    Articulation is very good although not to the level of MP-1, and some of the designs are more on the toy side than the genius of that previous figure - simple hinges instead of double joints. The ankles are very weak though, they don't lean back, only forward which is an odd choice, and they lean forward far too easily. The sliding shoulder joints allow for a lot of range of motion. The head is a vertical hinge on a horizontal swivel.

    Fit & finish issues creep up also such as the back panel that holds the folding gun not closing quite as nicely as it should, some seams like the upper arms and the rear of the gun and few other areas not closed all that tightly, the panel for the neck doesn't have a stop so it's nearly always dislodged backwards or forwards, and on mine there's several areas where paint has worn off after a single transformation - mostly the die-cast spine piece, but also the outside of the front fenders which end up inside the chest. Then there's the fact that the robot mode feels a little loose in the torso, it's only held together by a single tab snapped onto the faux grille stomach and while nothing falls apart, it doesn't feel as solid as it could - but it's a design conceit that probably was necessary, and the figure isn't floppy for it.

    Surprisingly, for once the instructions not only get everything, they get everything right. The transformation is relatively clear, and the gimmicks are all on the page. The only thing lacking is transformation from truck to robot, but one can reverse-engineer that from the robot to truck instructions.

    Overall, my first impression is that this is a good set. While each is good, no one element is worth the price of admission on its own, but together it all makes for a quality Optimus Prime experience.
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    Since I have the Japanese release and not the American, I'm curious - does the US release have loose smokestacks too, or will they stay up when you position them?
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    So, stupid post office delivered it this morning... TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! I'm going to go down there tomorrow with the tracking number, and then write a stern letter to Amazon complaining about the use of FedEx Smartpost.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddymac View Post
    Since I have the Japanese release and not the American, I'm curious - does the US release have loose smokestacks too, or will they stay up when you position them?
    They stay up fine on my US release. That's gotta suck if they don't stay up because the bottom curved part on each can end up hitting other parts in some poses.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Picked up Voyager Ultra Magnus and Thundertron earlier this week. While Thundertron is neat just because he is different, Ultra Magnus is very cool. If you like the cyberverse commander version, get the voyager.
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    I found and bought GDO Sandstorm and TFP Rumble today. Now I just need the aforementioned TFP Voyager Ultra Magnus and I'll be done with Transformers Prime...don't think I'll be interested in Beast Hunters except for maybe a deluxe Smokescreen.

    I briefly thought about saving MP Prime for Christmas to open up but couldn't wait that long. I have him out of the box but haven't attempted to transform yet.

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    Beast Hunters??? Is this a new line?
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    I have this feeling Toledo is dead to the Hasbro toy line. I haven't seen any new Transformers or Star Wars single figures since the Phantom Menace line came out earlier is year. Is saw the first edition line once, and I'm glad I decided to pick up my vehicon, but this year has been disastrous to my collection, but profitable to my wallet.
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    Alright, I'm not really done with the TFP collection as thanks to Target's 11.99 sale on deluxes, I picked up 2 more Vehicons along with Generations Onslaught, Blast Off and Swindle. I guess I may as well try to find Brawl and Vortex within the next few days before the sale ends.

    I guess there's considerably less interest in Vehicons now because they were impossible to find a few months ago. Or else packing 2 per case has made a huge difference?


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