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    Both is my guess. I'm hopeful we see Jeticons in the Beast Hunters line.

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    I scored all five Combaticons at Target today. I would've passed on Onslaught, but my daughter really seemed to want to make Bruticus, which is too awesome a request to deny her, particularly with the influence of other kids at school making her less interested in cool stuff all the time.

    Also found Swerve and Cliffjumper at TRU. And learned something: when I asked if they had the others (Wheelie and Springer) in stock, I was told that they didn't, but the store could order them for me with free shipping. Which I took them up on, needless to say; shipping from their site would've probably been an arm and a leg without hitting some threshold I wasn't at.

    It's nice to have a Cliffjumper who's not merely Bumblebee in red, and Swerve is someone I would've scoffed at before reading the More Than Meets the Eye series (which is definitely worth checking out--seriously, man, the three TF ongoings are three of the best books out there right now), but he's so endearing and awesome in that series, I couldn't pass on him, even if a Kup repaint doesn't make the most sense for him.
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    So it turns out SmartPost and the Post Office didn't wrong me at all, I had apparently ordered it to my mailbox place address instead of my home address and forgotten about that since it was 5 months ago, and my mailbox place forgot to call me to let me know it had been received. So I have my FOC G2 Bruticus set from Amazon, and it's pretty darn nice. It's so compact compared to the out of control SDCC box, yet it outshines it by being so well authentic to G2 in packaging and in inspiration. This may be one of the only TFs I keep unopened, despite actually liking the deco scheme better than I had expected.
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    Went to TRU to get a Thomas the Tank Engine set, and saw the China/TRU G2-styled Megatron. He looked amazing. I will not deny that. And, at $22.99, he was rather reasonable for the scale.

    However, I had to pass. Kickarse G2 head or not, this is the third use of this sculpt, and I have both the previous versions. It fits Bludgeon like a glove. It fits Banzai-Tron pretty well, too (not like the guy ever did anything except in the IDW version of the comic, and I think he died pretty quickly there). But it's not Megatron. Megatron is simply not a master of Metallikato, and the mold does not suit him.
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    I found Hot Spot yesterday and was able to use the 20% off coupon.

    Also saw a total of 6 TFP Vehicons at two Targets. A few months ago, I wouldn't have imagined being able to army build them so easily (I passed them all up btw)

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    I too found Hot Spot, and picked him up along side Powerdive. Saved about $10 with a $10 for $20 Groupon.

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    I went to 6 different area stores this weekend and found nothing. In fact, my TRU finally broke out the Kup/Wheeljack/Warpath wave. So I'm assuming I see the Combaticons around July of 2014.
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    Just so I'm clear, there's:

    Swerve (Kup repaint)
    Wheelie (Jazz repaint)
    Cliffjumper (Prime Cliffjumper repaint)
    Springer (????)

    Voyager (?)
    Megatron (ROTF Bludgeon repaint)
    Hot Spot (Inferno repaint)

    Laserbeak (???)
    Sandstorm (???)

    Motorbreathmaster (Optimus Prime repaint)
    Thundercracker (Starscream repaint)

    I know that can't be all. Who am I missing from this list? (By that, I mean "who did I leave out"? I'm happy to pass on several of these, particularly that weird so-called Laserbeak.)
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    Laserbeak is pretty cool. Reminds me of his Cybertron mode from G1. I have him hanging out with my X-9 Jaguar from Beast Wars.

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    What is Deluxe Springer's alt mode?

    TFW2005 was showing a 2nd party kit (why do they call 'em 3rd party? Hasbro is the 1st party so the next customizer company has to be the 2nd party, right?)

    Anyway, the kit turns Prime Voyager Megatron into Galvatron (animated). Pretty cool, huh?

    These characters need more figures:

    Ultra Magnus

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