Looking around, I also see evidence of Bluestreak, Hoist, Brawl, Dead End, and some fellow named Powerdive. Is Powerdive new, or what? He looks cool enough I might get him; I had to get the realistically-styled Lugnut because he was just way too cool. (Of course, he was at Ross and cost a lot less, too.)

It's not that I dislike Laserbeak; he's just not Laserbeak to me.

Tycho, Springer transforms into a helicopter (he's not a Triple Changer this time around). Poking around the interwebs, it looks like he's based on a movie-continuity figure named Tomahawk (from the Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line), with a new head, different rotor transformation (Springer can use the rotor as a sword, same as the original, but it looks like Tomahawk keeps it attached to his back), and maybe a few other tweaks. I don't have him in-hand yet, but the photos online look sweet.

(And the TRU exclusives so far seem to be cheaper than the equivalent non-exclusive figures. Deluxes are $14.99, whereas even Target and Walmart are charging $16 for them. Not to mention, being older molds, they're slightly larger.)