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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Slightly mis-transform Lazerbeak, and he's a pretty cool-looking "space condor."
    That's why I bought him. He's now sharing shelf space with Beast Wars Metals Jaguar X-9 (aka Covert Agent Ravage).
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    FE Bulkhead is up on TRU's site currently. BOGO 50% on TF's is going on as well.

    And apparently, MP Prime has gone up another $10 to $129.99!

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    Rats, I didn't see that in time and now there's no BOGO. FE OP is also up, but not listed under "First Edition"

    I can't afford these right now without the BOGO, so I guess I'm passing.

    That's crazy about MP Prime's price increase! It's a nice piece, but $130 is outrageous for what it really is.
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    Still better than the $250 some paid for the Takara version, haha.

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    Hey guys. Hope all is well.

    Since my last post in here, I have purchased the following:

    GDO Voyagers Hot Spot, Powerdive, Megatron
    GDO Deluxes Springer, Swerve, Wheelie
    FE Deluxes Terrorcon CJ, Vehicon

    Prime Voyagers Ultra Magnus and Thundertron

    Right now my want list is made up of FOC Starscream, FE Voyagers Prime and Bulkhead, and the Amazon Jetwing Prime, which I am seriously hinting at my wife for a possible Christmas gift since it dropped to $60.
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    I found the FOC cassette 2 packs (or "data disks") at TRU for 11.99

    Also found TFP Voyagers, including Ultra Magnus and Thundertron, at TJ Maxx for only 12.99!! Less than a deluxe.

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    Wow, I guess its time to start hitting the discount stores in case Skyquake starts showing up.

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    Good find Figrin. I've been considering that Voyager Ultra Magnus.

    That price could make the difference. Did you open him and how do you like him?
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    I could've sworn I saw Thundertron at TRU. Aren't those brand new?
    That's my jacket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I could've sworn I saw Thundertron at TRU. Aren't those brand new?
    For the most part, yes. Most hit retail this week.


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