I hadn't looked at a map; I assumed west-east because it's all along the I-10. The Indio issue is that it's on the far side of Indio, and the other side of the freeway (most businesses are a few miles to the south side, this shopping center is north), requiring most of the drive to be on surface streets complete with stoplights and such, and there's nothing in Indio otherwise. At least the Palm Springs-Cathedral City-Rancho Mirage-Palm Desert-Indian Wells corridor is solid businesses (though, like I said, several of the good ones closing has hurt the area as far as toy runs go, so I've not been out there at all in 6-12 months... will probably in the next few days, though, since the after-Christmas clearances are awesome there for some reason).

Beaumont WAS the fastest growing city in the country prior to the housing crash. We were supposed to get an awful lot of businesses, including at least one full-sized shopping mall and a Target or two. Yeah, that didn't happen. (One mediocre Walmart, a horrible K-Mart that frickin' closes at 7, a small Best Buy, a small Kohls, Ross, and some drug and grocery stores are about it.) Those plans went down the drain with housing costs. A good chunk of my neighborhood is folks who've been or are being foreclosed on, and there are a lot of rental properties. I suspect it'll be like Moreno Valley and take two decades to recover, and never fully. If we didn't owe considerably more than the house was worth, I'd be quick to move somewhere more populated.