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Then I shall get Blaster. Same mold with retooling for the head and chest, right?

BTW, I mentioned I'd seen Soundblaster and not thought anything of it. One detail you didn't talk about here is his bio. How is he an upgraded, more hands-on reincarnation of Soundwave (which the bio says, and consistent with what I know of the Headmasters cartoon) if he's millions of years in the past and is still Soundwave by the time Prime rolls around?
Same mold with a new head, new chest, new wheels, and a new weapon. Also, they're planning to release Ramhorn as one of the 2nd wave minions which already gets a big thumbs-up in my book. And now I'm fearing the likelihood of me buying Blaster and Ramhorn/Eject 2-pack, I don't even like Blaster but that'd make a great counterpoint to this Soundblaster figure.

The bio is as clumsy as it is stupid:
Restored to a fully functioning state by the loyalty of his minions and the arcane science of an alien world, SOUNDWAVE takes a new name to reflect his new lease on life. No longer content to simply manage electronic warfare for the DECEPTICONS, he charges into battle against the AUTOBOTS, using devastating sonic attacks to disable and disorient his enemies, so that his minions can finish them off.
and then his techspec gives a 4/10 for courage.
Anyway, it's clear that they're intending to sidestep the whole issue, perhaps this is a Soundwave of a future AFTER the war on Earth when he's reverted to his Cybertronian mode yet again, but do they say that? No.

Luckily, I can like the figure outside that very broken context.