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Have you read AHM before? Prepare for disappointment, no matter how low your expectations may be. It's crap. They don't even try to fit it in with what came before, and had to attach the four-issue "Coda" and the Maximum Dinobots miniseries to explain what the hell was going on. They never did explain how in the name of Primus Bombshell had fought Blaster thousands or millions of years ago, when AHM makes a point that he's brand spanking new.

(Frankly, though, "For All Mankind," the first volume in the ongoing that followed it, was ten times worse. That succeeded in doing what even Pat Lee and the Dreamwave BS with Grimlock becoming a Decepticon couldn't, make me drop TF comics altogether. Obviously, I got back into them, as a friend wouldn't stop telling me the ongoing got infinitely better in Volume 2, and it did. Now, I'm in a minority--it seems everyone else hates the entire series; me, just the first arc.)
It was free. I skimmed AHM before, it had some interesting ideas but uneven execution, but I figure the first issue free and no Hasbro product to mess with, might as well use that hobby time somehow. That plus 700 free Marvel first issues later this week.

I have no love for Dreamwave & Pat Lee's work, totally ignore it whenever possible. I can't speak ongoing series that came after AHM but am surprised you're that angry at volume 1. I didn't get back into the line until LSotW which was pretty impressive storytelling without a lot of baggage. I think what's good about RID and MTMTE is that same lack of baggage, the change in direction that allows folks to get back on board if they've only been doing the WFC games and the toys lately.