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They didn't end up getting the cab out? It had an actual Powermaster in it, seems like an odd thing to leave behind, I guess they were afraid of Hasbro coming down hard. Shouldn't matter, they've already dipped their toes into trouble with the overall look and that head. Godbomber upgrade on this thing, huh? Kind of surprised anybody really wants it, the original was just kreoforming at its oddest, kreoform a robot, now kreoform armor onto an armor-wearing robot, now kreoform another trailer!
Yeah, but what was shown was a Classics Prime with new parts anyway. And there was never really anything clear on how they intended to release it. People wanting it may actually BE a problem; although this kit has gotten mostly positive reviews, there's not a whole lot of buzz surrounding it. I think many people are ignoring it due to how bad Grand Patriot was. I think it is possible the God Bomber parts may never come out anyway, if this one doesn't sell through fast enough.