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If you don't have a preference for anything, in the latest (and I think the final) round of voting for the Fan's Choice 30th Anniversary figure, my daughter would really love to see a female Autobot named Charon, who is a telepath from the mean streets of Kaon. And I think she made some pretty wicked choices there.

BTW, unless I'm totally mistaken, there has never been a transforming toy of any female character from the G1 continuity family (not counting Beast Wars, which is sorta the same and sorta not). Not even Arcee. But every other line has had at least one.
I've already got a guy I'm voting on, but maybe I'll add in a vote for hers because I'm not feeling this round so much.

There are no original-mold G1 female toys, although there are repurposed figures and exclusive repaints that fiction has turned into females, such as Road Rage from G1 Tracks.