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SDCC just got more expensive for me as well. I may need to forgo the Jetfire sky striker now.

I can't even preorder Slave 1 just yet either.
Preorder costs nothing, and it doesn't ship for a month after SDCC, and you can always cancel later.

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If there's anyone who's going to SDCC and wants to offset the price of the exclusives just a bit, and has no interest in the Bludgeon figure, I might be able to help.
Oh gee, that sounds like a great deal, thanks for the offer.

JT, I can't help but envision that sequence as something like this.

Wheeljack: "How do you feel, Bumblebee?"
Bumblebee: "I feel great! In fact, I feel like some sort of gold bug!"
Wheeljack: "I think maybe that should be your new name!"
Goldbug: "Um, yeah, dude, no. You ain't taking my name. I'm standing right here, for cryin' out loud. And this isn't like one of those crazy 'two Prowls' things, because I'm only obscure if you count finding freakin' Metroplex and indirectly killing damn Sixshot to be obscure, yo."
First off, is that a reference to Sh**piece?

Secondly, IDW Goldbug actually has a different face and hasn't been seen since his introduction.

Thirdly, um... how far behind are you on RID?

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Then again EE's SDCC line is a nightmare. Not Hasbro nightmarish but they don't have anywhere near the inventory that Hasbro does.
It's better than driving all over the city day after day hoping upon hope to find the hint of a figure that never sees the light of day though.

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It was quite a surprise for me. I had no interest in the SDCC Metroplex over the mainline one but after seeing it in person.. I really, really want one.
Wow, really? What about it sold you that hard?

I had a pretty good time at Botcon. The crowds were much lighter than last year. Good for those of us there, bad for the vendors and Fun Pub. It was great hanging out with JT and Bikerscout for a bit!
Yeah, I'm sure vendors and funpub couldn't have been happy with that volume, but that's the way it goes, next time bring in more exhibitor booths and don't put a convention in San Diego 3 weeks before the largest geek convention in the world in the same city, I guess.

It was a blast to hang out with you too. Did you end up getting haunted by the creepy painting overnight?