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LOL Adam. I'm disappointed that transformers has gone back to beast things and the like.

I recognize that this is a kids toy line. But the kid in me is still in to see how about the stuff and more towards adult like the alternators were.
Oh, I didn't realize you were referring to Beast Hunters since that line started in January. I thought you were talking about the current Generations wave inspired from IDW comics.

The problem with your line of thinking is that the kids who grew up on Beast Wars are also now adults and find nostalgia in it just as the G1 kids do for their cartoon.

I think there is room for both. I have not seen a whole lot of Beast Wars (although what I have seen was pretty good) but I love Rhinox's design and his Generations toy next year is one of the figures I'm looking towards the most. As for the beasts in Beast Hunter's I find them hit and miss. I'm fine with the idea of a third faction as well as them doing something different occasionally to keep things fresh.