I wonder how big this Galvatron is?

I want Cyclonus and Galvatron (secondly, Scourge) to pair up with my Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.

I would take a Voyager figure as well though - but not sure if it's worth $115 plus shipping.

However, I bought (kind of Voyager sized) Titanium Ultra Magnus because it's a one-piece and totally transforms instead of adds parts from his trailer and I paid about $100 for that. But it's also an item that's years old which I didn't buy back in the day when I had the chance.

So how big is this Galvatron?

Isn't there a 3rd party Cyclonus that's pretty good? How big is he?


JediTricks, do you own any personally? Which ones?

How do any here review their 3rd Party figures?

I'm thinking about the Constructicons and the Stunticons 3rd party pieces. Is there a Combaticon set? Bruticus is also an interest.