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That third "After the Dark" teaser.



Holy crap. Wow.

I seriously might have to start getting floppies.
I'm pretty damn curious about it.

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Thanks for the info. I bought from Anime Export, I don't mind paying upfront, although I jumped through a LOT of hoops to get an online card number just for them only to discover they only take paypal. Their shipping price plus their retail price is so much lower than HLJ on Wheeljack that I'd rather take the risk and just have my credit card company deal with the fallout if it goes down badly. Theirs is the price I mentally was ready to pay for an MP like this, and especially Wheeljack.
Yeah, I will probably switch to AE at some point in the future when I have a bit more financial flexibility. I just can't pay for something eight months in advance without being able to cancel it atm. My final price when bundle shipping at HLJ isn't super high and I'm still paying less that a lot of people will end up paying so I feel pretty good about it.