Got Rhinox, this figure comes mistransformed in robot mode, the waist is out of position and the upper arms aren't fully telescoped out. Instructions are pretty bad, missing key features like locking the lower jaw tab into the inside of the rhino head to keep it from falling apart, and the hips flipping all the way around in transformation.

Robot Mode
- very good likeness
- decent range of motion, expressive
- good use of bulk
- mirror-twin, spinning chainguns of doom
- pretty good paint
- fairly show-accurate transformation

- loose leg joints lead to flopping issues
- some restrictions on range of motion
- a bit more kibble than I prefer
- semi-open hands aren't ideal
- some of the character's flaws are still present here

Beast Mode
- pretty decent size
- chaingun storage is clever
- lower jaw opens
- upper jaw & head opens one click, complete with secondary panel

- deco is simple
- legs are immobile
- panel gap in a few spots, not major but noticeable
- all-black eyes might be accurate to the animal, but not this BW character
- backs of legs all show bot parts
- limbs have a specific orientation, but don't quite meet it or lock to it

All in all, this is a really good interpretation of Rhinox, but it does still suffer some of the mistakes that newer BW figures have, so your mileage may vary to a degree, but I think overall it's a good figure and a good homage.

Seen the Japanese TF Cloud Starscream? I didn't think this would work, but Starscream using the Blitzwing/Doubledealer triple changer mold has more appeal than I expected:

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I'm with you, JT. If Arcee is motorcycle, I'm throwing the table over and going home. Although I still want Rattrap. And that Roadbuster is pretty sweet. And Jetfire, though a strange hybrid between G1 Jetfire and Skyfire with a fake cockpit for a chest, hasn't completely died for me yet (though I'm really frustrated by it).
I might still get Arcee if a motorcycle, but it definitely would be a character-driven purchase. Jetfire/Skyfire as a Leader class with the fake chest just seems like such an odd way to do it, for me the issue will come down to how they use the transformation, how simple it is in person.

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Yeah, I don't understand the love for the crossover book. Artwork was never like that in the 80s; even at his laziest, Jose Delbo still had some depth to his illustrations. And the writing was certainly not like this. The very first issue of TF (which I hate to say because it's both TF and Bill Mantlo, but it's one of the worst single issues of any title ever), the original Marvel crossover, a few Joe fill-in stories, maybe. But, c'mon, is everyone forgetting this is the decade and the titles that gave us "Silent Interlude" and "Target: 2006"?
Precisely. It's almost a hipster book, it's trying to make "the bad ol days" look clever by enhancing them to ridiculousness. Yet those days had plenty to offer, and none of which is showing up in this preview. I want to give IDW the benefit of the doubt, but so far everything they've done has stood against that.

BTW, the artist and co-writer on these, Tom Scioli, had NEVER READ ANY LARRY HAMA BOOKS UNTIL HE GOT THIS JOB.

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I don't think I want any of the AoE toys.

Generations Whirl on the other hand is outstanding in spite of the backwards knee joints which limit his poseability. Nonetheless he has a huge "unvincible" fun factor to him.
Yeah, AoE may be the breaking point, we'll see.

So you already got Whirl, huh? That's both awesome and frustrating since I didn't go in on that.

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I didn't post about them, because I'm super not interested in them. Just more movie junk to me. I'm over it.
Ouch, but yeah, seems like that's the growing feeling.

It was better than Star Wars anyway.
You are cruel. But that's not false, SW Hasbro was very painful to look at.

I like the look of Jetfire and some people who claim to have seen leader Megatron say it is the IDW tank design, so I'm looking forward to those.
I hadn't heard about leader Megatron, but the IDW tank would be nice; almost anything would be nice here minus more movie junk.

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I'm really excited for Jetfire.
I saw the new "collectable" Starscream the other day at Toys R Us and it's total crap. 100 dollars for a piece that looks like someone just scaled up the Big Lot Version. The plastic molding is god awful.
That is a Cybertron figure sculpted 10 years ago based on a Voyager-class sculpt. It was $50 when it came out then, and was ridiculous then.