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I really dug the art in the preview. Wouldn't want it on every book, but a nice change of pace. (Then again, I love that dude who did Syndromica, and I'm supposed to hate him, so what do I know?)
You can like Syndromica, I just can't see why you would. I didn't like it in either art style or story myself, but you do what you want.

Too bad about the decompression. I'll give it a chance, but I'm already annoyed by her rant against Furman and Spotlight: Arcee (because of course robots should have girls and anyone who thinks otherwise is a hateful misogynist ).
It wasn't against Furman, it was against the work, and I know you worship the guy, but he was wrong. I'll break it down thusly:

- Furman claims there are no genders in TF. Previous continuities already had female TFs before IDW, there was a precedent.

- Furman claimed there were no male bots in TF, only genderless, yet the majority of the cast have male physiques, use male pronouns, and even sport male facial structures.

- So Furman writes that Jhiaxus experimenting with gender in Cybertronians turns Arcee female; the act of being turned female makes her insane.

There's supposed to be a 50/50 chance in the gender experiment and yet she gets turned into a woman and goes nuts, what kind of message is that? A hysterical female, the laziest of cliches. And then she's drawn as a sexual object with a thin waist, long legs, and breasts, and she's singled out as being the only female Cybertronian and the only one that will ever be - how much more objectified can it get? That is misogyny, whether intended or not.