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    Return of the Troop Builders!

    According to another website, RS, the French collector magazine is reporting that there will be a four pack of Biker Scouts released in the near future!

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    Sounds great to me. I'm sure a lot of other forum members agree with me when I say you can never have to many imperial soldier figures.

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    Army builder sets of Imp officers, generic-looking technicians (they could be either Imp or Rebel, it doesn't matter), snowtroopers and rebel Hoth troopers would be great!

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    That sounds like good news to my ears, my 20 some fleet of Stormtroopers are getting lonely, well they have the Sandtroopers, but they have been deployed to warmer regions.
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    This would probably be the only troop offer I would buy. I dont really build armies, but love biker scouts
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    I really would love to see a generic set of troop builders of the imperial technicians. I think they would make great Drivers/operators of vehicles that Hasbro should be selling (hint, hint

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    However, if true, I hope there's some variation in the Scouts this time. Between the original, the "dirty" variant, and the one tossed in the Target accessory pack, I've got three Scouts who look like they're Doctor Doom, telling a tied-up James Bond his master plan before feeding him to the sharks with frickin' laser beams.
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    Another swirling rumour, this set was supposed to come out some time ago (I think some places were even accepting pre-orders for it, no?). I don't really need any more Biker Scouts, where the heck are the Super Poseable Clone Sets?

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    Finally these are coming out, Brian's Toy's have had these for pre-sell for some good time now. I'm all in favor of 4 packs of army builders. Dirty, clean doesn't matter, with a new Ewok Glider coming out we're going to need some targets.
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    Lightbulb more rebels please

    ide love too see more rebels, i mean the imperials have storm troopers, sand troopers at-st drvers and the list goes on and on. im sure the rebels have more than just rebel troopers dont they ? and a wider range of vehicles would be nice i.e speeder bikes and land speeders and oh yes more articulation..


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