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    Animate every SW story ever written.

    That is all.
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    I'd like to see a Shadow of the Empire, Thrawn Trilogy.

    Even Make a new Droids and Ewoks cartoon, after all you could clear up all the mistakes they made and tie it into the New Star Wars universe.

    By the way I am not saying the originals had mistakes I am talking about the Pooh Dooh that was made in Between the OT and the Old Cartoons, I think it was called The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    So I got to thinking. With the success of the Clone Wars Animated series, what would be some other cartoon projects you would like to see.

    Here are a few I came up with.

    1. Shadows of the Empire - A feature length cartoon or a mini-series with 5 half hour shows.

    2. Pre Star Wars 'A New Hope' - A feature length cartoon based along the lines of the, now famous Radio Drama.

    3. Heir to the Empire - 3 feature length cartoons based on the Zahn novels, or as I affectionatly call them Star Wars EP7, 8 and 9.

    4. New Jedi Order - A series based on the war between the Galaxy and the Vong, with the main emphasis on the Jedi.

    5. Knights of the Old Republic - A series based on the Old time Jedi Knights.

    6. Boba Fett - A feature length cartoon based on Boba Fett pre-ANH.

    I'm still not sure what kind of animation I would want to see for these. Maybe something highly detailed like Final Fantasy for the Heir to the Empire movies. Then GL could release them in Theaters. The others would be toned down and probably be straight to DVD releases.

    I love this whole idea. I came into the SW TV section to post something like this and saw Sith_Killer's thread and here I am. I've only read his first post (Quoted Above) thus far, but I was just watching my Cartoon Network CW DVDs and was thinking the same thing: how would an animation with the Classic characters fly? That would be kind of fun with Han, Luke, and Leia all over again - and a cartoon Chewie!
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    Okay, I'm gonna skip the "dig up that old fossil" joke.

    I missed the pick up they had on this thread back in 2007.

    So here we are on the verge of the first "box office" animated SW film.

    I still say we need the Zhan trilogy. Too sweet, they could still get most of the original cast to do the voice work. Mark has a lot of experience in that area, so it wouldn't be a stretch. Carrie wouldn't have to worry about going on a crash diet to lose weight for the film. It's the perfect idea!

    Besides, the Clone Wars is played out IMO.
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    Would Harrison Ford do cartoon voice work? Well, he's friends with Lucas. Also, voice-over work is something even HE has never done before (to my knowledge). Maybe he'll want to try something new and have a little Star Wars reunion. SW launched his career, (I'm talking to YOU "Indiana Jones and The Clear and Present Millennium Falcon.")

    Anyway, if you look at Clone Wars, they did fine without Hayden and Ewan - so they don't even need the original actors to do a Classic SW cartoon.

    I would love:

    Shadows of the Empire
    Heir to the Empire
    Jedi Academy
    Young Jedi Knights
    New Jedi Order

    As much as I loved Tales of the Jedi, the bookend stuff in the chronology is not what Star Wars needs right now. More Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie (and Lando) in some format is what would be best-known and most popular.

    If you did SOTE, you could also have Darth Vader, Boba Fett, the other bounty hunters, and Jabba the Hutt! Not to mention Palpatine.

    I agree that after this feature, Clone Wars will be all-played-out.
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    [FONT=Courier New]I thought Shadows of the Empire was a really exciting story and I loved the book, the soundtrack (which was stolen when someone broke into my truck 10 years ago), the N64 game, and the toys (I want an updated Outrider and Dash Rendar figure!!!). I think it was a really great experiment in multimedia marketing especially since they had everything BUT a movie. [/FONT]
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    [FONT=Courier New]I would love to see a SOTE cartoon movie or series.[/FONT]


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