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    What versions are the best R2 and C-3PO figures?

    I've been collecting since the first POTF2 line, but I stopped collecting about a year ago. After seeing the improvements in the POTJ and Saga lines, I started collecting again. Now I'm catching back up with what I've missed. I only have the original POTF2 R2-D2 and C-3PO, and I'm wondering if these are the best versions out. Also, is it me, or are the figures in the Saga line smaller than the POTF2 figures? I'm wondering if there is a scaling issue between the older and newer lines. Thanks.

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    Best R2-D2 is the CommTech POTF R2-D2 with holo Leia.

    Best C-3PO is the MMC also re-carded for the SAGA Hall of Fame line.

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    I agree about the R2-D2. The CT version is the best. As for C-3PO, that's one figure I just don't care that much about. The one with the removable arm is pretty good because it's not just the average do-nothing threepio figure plus it's not as loose as the POTF2 take-apart version.
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    R2 w holo Leia and 3po removeable limbs.
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    Besides Holo Leia R2, I also like the dome on Ep 1 R2 (the one with the booster rockets). The permanently-3-legged R2 from POTJ (Naboo Escape) has been reissued in the Saga HOF line, he's pretty good if you don't mind the permanent 3rd leg. For all-around R2 though, I guess right now Jabba's Barge (aka Bar2-D2) is your best bet since he's currently shipping and has no crazy paint or gimmicks while retaining the retractable 3rd leg design.

    3PO is pretty limited, removable limbs is good but very dirty; Millennium Minted Coin is fantastic and based off that previous figure but clean and non-removable limbs, he's currently reissued as mentioned above. Other than that, while I like Ultra 3PO (who also has removable limbs since he's from the limb-swapping Deluxe Ep 2 3PO/Battle Droid set), this one is not everybody's cup of tea, and POTF2 Flashback 3PO has a nice, different take on the paintjob, but his left shoulder doesn't rotate normally and the dirt paint is over the top.
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    I'd say R2-D2 with Holo Leia, and the upcoming vintage tribute C-3PO figure. Supposedly it'll be the shiny vac-metal AND highly articulated. Sounds like the best choice to me! Looked good in the pic too.
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    I think the best R2-D2 is the Jabba's Sail Barge version. He has nice articulation, a retractable third leg, a base, a great sculpt . . . oh yeah, plus a drink dispenser/tray or something.

    For C-3PO, I also say Millennium Minted Coin, who is also in the Hall of Fame series and the Original Trilogy Collection with a new base and no coin. There are some other nice ones too, it looks like the modern-vintage version will be great, but he's twice as much money.

    About the scaling issue. Some of the figures are puny (Outland Peasant Digsguise Anakin, Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan, Hoth Evacuation Hoth Trooper, Ultra C-3PO), but on the whole they're the right size. Obi-Wan isn't very tall, and that is translated well into the figures (maybe too much on CC?). A lot of the older figures from 1995-1996 were too big for the line, but now they're the correct height when compared to each other (Chewbacca and Darth Vader, for example). But no, there seemed to be no intentional size change in the line.
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    Wasn't Obi-Wan downsized so his magnet could support him on the assassin droid?

    Best Artoo: Holo Leia.

    Best C-3PO: POTF2 Removable Limbs (and head! )
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    I think that the R2-D2 with holo Leia has been pretty well covered. I also like the Episode I version with booster rockets. My favorite C-3P0 is the one from the Purchase of the Droids 3 pack from POTF2. No gimmicks or anything, just a good 3P0, and also removable limbs and the coin version.
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    Best Artoo is the CTC version w/ Holo Leia

    Best C-3PO is the MMC version.
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