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    Wink tusken raider take down

    Oh boy did any body see this but at the end of forbinden love trailar anakin strikes down a tusken raider,just before the ep2 titel comes up.


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    mylow, mylow, mylow. Where you been buddy? We've discussed this ad nauseum in the othere threads. I think maybe 4 or 5 threads dedicated to this particular topic. But since this is a spoiler section I'm just gonna drop the hammer on ya.

    The Tusken Raiders kidnap Shmi. Anakin gets a "vision" that she's in trouble and defies the Jedi Council by taking Padme to Tatooine with him. He finds Watto, who tells her his mom is married to a moisture farmer named Cleigg Lars. When Anakin gets to the moisture far, they tell him that she's been takes by Sandpeople out into the desert. He grabs a speeder and goes out to find her. By the time he gets there, her wounds are too severe and she dies in his arms. Anakin turns on the Tuskens and gives into the Dark Side, laying waste to Tusken men, women and children. He goes hardcore beserker style. It's not pretty. It's his first step on the path to being Darth Vader...

    So now you know...

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    Or, if you subscribe to my theory, (not many do), Palpatine and or Dooku have set it up to look like the Tuskens are responsible, when really they are not, no more than they were responsible for killing all those Jawas in ANH. See, the Tuskens are always getting blamed for stuff they didn't do, they are very misunderstood. I just think the death of Anakin's mom needs a bit more depth to it than a savage bloodthirsty attack that defies reason.
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    Oh ok see I'm new,but I did read that form,See I thought Anakin just light up his light saber and the sene cuts out,I never knew it acaultly shows the sand people getting slaterd,Oh well learn somthing every day.Thax

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    The Tusken Raiders kidnap Shmi.

    I think Palpatine/Sidious or Dooku/Tyranus make it look like the Sand People either kidnapped her and killed her. Or at least kill her.

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    If you are going to frame someone for murder, you better make sure the victim is dead. Shmi is alive when Anakin finds her.
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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    If you are going to frame someone for murder, you better make sure the victim is dead. Shmi is alive when Anakin finds her.
    Then after Shmi dies in his arms, Anakin goes out and kills all the Tusken Raiders in sight. SO VERY EVIL but COOL...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    mylow, pay no attention to these silly theories about Palpatine masterminding Shmi's kidnapping.

    And Co-Jo Da : Is you signature supposed to say 'option' or did you mean to have it say 'opinion'?

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    Now, hang on just a minute. I don't belittle your theory, so there's no need to belittle my theory if you don't agree with it. I don't think theres anything silly about it. I just happen to think there's got to be something better than Anakin turning to the Dark Side basically because his mom was involved in some unfortunate altercation with Sand People. It just seems so arbitrary and random. It just seems like it would make the tragedy of Darth Vader more a tragedy if he killed innocents who he thought were somewhat involved in his mom's death, but it turns out they weren't, it was his own master. It may or may not go down this way in the film, I could accept it either way, all I'm saying is I'd rather see it happen that way, not some random killing.

    As for the "if you're going to frame someone, make sure they're dead" thing, all I can say is, it doesn't rule out my scenario. Mistakes do happen, plus there's the crazy possibility that it was set up to go just like that, somehow.

    Either way, some Tuskens are gonna get hacked up over the whole deal, and isn't that what really matters?

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    Easy, Fulit my lad. I really don't have theory per se. I'm just telling mylow what happens in the film. Your's is a fine, if a bit far-fetched, theory. You need a reason for Shmi's death to push Anakin over the edge? other than a random farm attack (a common occurence from what we are led to believe from 25 years of canon and EU stories)? How about Anakin has a vision that his mother is hurt and dying. He calls the Jedi Council and says "Hey! My mom might be hurt or dying. may I go save her?"
    The Jedi Council says "Blow Kid. We don't care about your mom. Stay on Naboo and do yer job..." Anakin has to sneak around trying to get off naboo(losing precious hours or even days) When he gets to Tatooine he finds his mom AND SHE DIES IN HIS ARMS. If he had been EVEN A FEW HOUR EARLY she would be alive. if you ask me, that's PLENTY reason to blame the dickish Jedi for not letting him come when he asked. He becomes ANGRY with the Jedi Council. Anger leads to him HATING the Jedi. His hatred leads to the Jedi SUFFERING their annihilation. And Anakin turns to the Dark Side. Now it's quite possible that Sidious had Shmi murdered, but the Jedi Council did a fair job of peevin' Anakin off on thier own without any help from the Sith lord...


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