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    So, I'm guessing the Archive editions where a hoax?:(

    I think I'm the only one upset about this, if it is indeed false. I went to the theaters as a child just like everyone else and fell in love with the SW universe, but more footage is always welcome imo, and loved the SE(Jedi Rocks aside)

    There are some things I really think could use a update, such as...

    Updated Death Star attack plans.

    Vader's theme when we first see him..

    Stormtroopers with Jango's voice(ya'll are going to stone me)

    Vader meets Emperor before the meeting on the Death Star.

    If it must be in the film, a NEW Jabba in the Han/Jabba scene in ANH.

    Chewie gets a reward(now more then ever)

    A bigger Hoth battle, with the Snowtroopers and Vader comming in on updated Republic Gunships(Impirial Gunships), much like how the troopers showed up at the arena

    Corrected Emperor in ESB.

    Jedi Rocks OUT.

    But, they are coming to DVD this year, so this means the AE are really false?

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    No, it doesn't mean that it's false. There will probably be a mega uber duber boxset of all 6 movies with some additions and stuff. But that won't be released until after 2005. And we don't know for certain that these will be the SE versions. There could be more tweaks. After all, it was revealed that Lucas did 100 digital tweeks to THX-1138 for it's upcoming release.

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    Rick "yes sir" McCallum himself has said in an interview that there are plans for an Archival Edition.

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    One big improvement though: MUSICAL
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    Lets hope the improvements are making them in the original way.
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    Also, John Williams has confirmed in a few interviews that he is looking forward to re-scoring at least ANH (if not the entire trilogy). He's said it always bothered him that he couldn't use the Imperial March in ANH since it didn't exist yet.

    In other words, hang on to your SE soundtracks. Looks like they'll soon be as tough to replace as the SW Trilogy Soundtrack box set.

    But maybe Max Rebo's jaunty "Ode to a Master Chef" will finally show up on CD.
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    Ohhh ok, that gives me a little hope then.

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    Well another version to get on DVD, since I will have my original versions of the OT on DVD and the SE here in September. GL better tweek the heck out of it so it is worth the buy when it roles around.
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    I just read over at Yakface's that it's pretty much confirmed that the DVD's will have additions to them. I just hope they fix DB94 Jabba and OLM Emperor.
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    I also heard on Digital bits that they are doing something that they did not do for the SE's. Apparently most of the sounds had been saved by Ben Burt for them and now all of them are being digitally re-entered. This will give us a sound experience unlike any before. I think the same will go for the soundtracks.
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