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  • I love it, I'll be buying this great older stuff!

    119 25.98%
  • It makes sense, gives new folks a chance at jumping in

    86 18.78%
  • Don't love it, but as a completist, I'll be buying it all anyway

    46 10.04%
  • I don't really care, neither like it nor hate it

    49 10.70%
  • Dislike it, wanted more new stuff, I already have most of this

    158 34.50%
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    I'm really surprised to see such a diverse set of votes, opinions seem to be largely across the board, though "dislike" does currently have the lead.

    Personally, I think it makes some sense for the newbies, this is what the vintage line did all along after all. I even started a thread a while back about which older figures should be recarded:

    I too am worried though about how little new stuff there will be and if it'll get lost in the repacks, Hasbro clearly is planning more repacks (their repack fan's choice poll should tell us that) and we have a long ways till Ep III once this stuff came out.
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    All I can say is:

    I'm really happy I broke my completist habit after POTJ!!

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    You and me both Reef! Wish I had known then that Saga's crummy freshman year would actually end up saving me big money.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    I will be buying as many as the new stuff as Ican find. The repacks can rot the pegs IMO.
    Im in complete agreement. I don't see the point in being skint just to have new packets on figures I already have. Will be wanting the Dagobah and vintage figures myself.

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    I pretty much said I was not very pleased with the new rehashes because they have been made so much. Another Ben, Han, Darth, Luke, Leia, and so on is just the same old stuff. Last year they released a Han (repack with Wat Tambor), multiple Darth's (Throne Room/Death Star Clash/Imp Forces pack), a Luke (Tatooine encounter), a Leia (Imperial Captive). I thinkk folks who are saying Hasbro is being kind to new collectors is nieve because of the simple fact they can and DO repack old figures in new packages. It all comes down to Hasbro making new versions so COMPLETISTS buy yet another of the same character to fulfill their collecting habits. Meanwhile non-completist fans who wait for new (never-made before) figures are waiting for the line to be dragged on again. Hasbro is just buying time with the OTC collection and it's pretty obvious and dissappointing. The good news for me is that I will be saving more money this year because I only forsee me buying the X-wing with Red leader and sandcrawler this year with a handful of announced OTC figures. Hopefully after the currently announced waves are released some new more exciting stuff comes out. That includes 12" too. It's like that line has died for nothing but rehashes.
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    Angry this is outragouse

    Come on hasbro what are you thinking i was doin good to get any of the new figures now all of a sudden theres all these old ones forget tha past unless you improve the articulation hay heres an idea have the stores send all the old ones back for credit and replace them for the new figures...LETS MOVE FORWARD PEOPLE..!!!

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    I was pumped about it at first, but now just wish there were more different figures. Not as happy as I first thought.
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    The packaging idea should have been applied only to the VINTAGE OTC, I guess. Instead, Hasbro should have keep on giving us more new figs under the SAGA line and forget about boring rehashes with flashy packaging...

    I'll get the never made figs, period.
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    I have been a completist, but it is getting ridiculous now that some figures will be one three or more different cards. How many of the same exact figure does one person need? Blue card, Blue card gold stripe, and now OT card??? It's not like you can't find some of these on the clearance racks... if it wasn't for the OT theme I bet Orn Free Ta would be on a new card...

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    It's not really all that different from Sandtrooper on Orange Card, Green Card without Holo, Green Card with Holo and Freeze Frame. They did the same for a lot of figures early on.

    I stopped being a completist when Hasbro started turning out gimick figures. Luckily I am back, but my SAGA collection will forever have holes.
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