When Lucasfilm releases the Original Trilogy on DVD this Fall, Hasbro will be shifting the Star Wars line's focus to the "Original Trilogy Collection". A large portion of the OTC line will be "hall of fame" style re-releases, taking some popular older figures and vehicles and repackaging them in the OTC line with little or no changes to the actual toy in order to appeal to new collectors who missed out over the past decade while those products were originally being released. This is a controversial move though, since amidst all these re-released figures are only 2 waves of actual new figures, so current collectors will have almost no new product to buy in the second half of this year. Granted the idea is hardly new, the vintage line was run largely in this fashion, but that was twenty years ago and times have definitely changed. So what is your position on the OTC line's re-releasing frenzy?

special thanks to jedihunter25