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    Question Elevator disassembly

    This question applies to either the Land of the Jawas or Hoth Ice Planet playsets. Does any one know how I can remove an assembled elevator from the cardboard backdrop without damaging either the elevator or cardboard? I resonantly got the Hoth playset and storage would be a lot easier on me and safer for the cardboard if the elevator was disassembled.
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    I dont think it comes apart with out breaking it. It was one whole piece IIRC. Is there a little screw on the back, I dont think so, but the last time i looked at it was abut 15 years ago.
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    I got Land of the Jawas for Christmas back in '79 while my little bro' received the Creature Cantina set. I remember helping my dad with the stickers. Great souvenirs!

    Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. Mom sold it at a local flea market many years ago ... Still, if I remember correctly, there is a way to remove the elevator but you have to be a little rough Lusifer. If I'm right, I used to quickly slip the elevator down so that it can "snap" its way out of the cardboard. Then after I had no problem putting it in place again.

    I think the best thing you can do is leave the thing where it is. But if you give it a try, be careful and know what you're doing Cat from Hell!
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