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    X-Men Legends RPG!!

    Wow, I'm not much of a gamer. In fact I don't even own a game system at the moment. But I'm actually hyped for this one. It may actually make me breakdown and buy a PS2, XBox, or Game Cube. Just because it's such an ingenious idea. An RPG game set in the X-Men Universe that's expected to be released 10/5/2004. So far what I have heard and seen, it looks very promising. Especially in the graphics and gameplay areas.

    You'll be able to pick a 'team' of four X-Men characters, from around 16 choices. Not all of them are locked in so far, but so far the list appears to be as follows. The original 5, of course. Beast (yay), Angel, Cyclops, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, and Iceman. As well as Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Forge, Psylocke, Marrow, and more. Plus it sounds like up to four people can play simultaniously. Each controlling one character. Plus Colossus and Wolverine can perform the Fastball Special. Sweet.

    It appears that most of the designs for the game will be in the 'Ultimate X-Men' style. But there have been pictures of the original team members in the 'New X-Men' style as well. So it could be likely that there will be a choice between Ultimate and New style for several of the characters. Which sounds pretty damn cool. Here's some links to news, pictures, and video from the upcoming game. So, what you guys think?

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    Marrow? Marrow?!? MARROW?!? That piece of crap, and no spunky teenaged mutant sporting a yellow trenchcoat? What a joke!

    Of course, maybe I can console myself by pointing out the obvious: if Jubilee was a playable character, families everywhere would get into huge fights over who gets to play as her and who has to be Wolverine.
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    Jubilee could be one of the playable characters. She's just not been announced. There's going to be between 16-17 pickabale characters. And so far they've only confirmed 13 of them. So have no fear, I can see Jubilee being a possible choice. As well as hopefully Shadowcat.

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    That would be cool. As long as there's some good balance of powers to justify each character, so simply "Dude, Jubilee is the coolest!" isn't a reason to pick someone.

    Beast would obviously be strength and agility.

    Archangel would have flight (and a healing factor, and special power to woo underage girls, if they stick with the recent issues of Uncanny).

    Cyclops is simply projectile power, but a powerful one.

    Jean would be likely the most powerful, with just about every ability. I can't think of any way to realistically limit her.

    Iceman is projectile (hopefully the ability to freeze opponents in their tracks), and possibly bridge-building.

    Wolvie should be the most powerful fighter, with the healing factor handled same way as in Wolverine's Revenge.

    Storm would be almost as powerful as Jean, though with less control over projectiles (lightning).

    Colossus, duh. The strongest and most durable, but slowest and least agile.

    Gambit would be agility, along with a slow-charging but powerful projectile ability. Not very strong in close quarters, though.

    Nightcrawler would have agility and teleportation, but probably not much else to compensate for the incredible power of teleportation. That's normally how games go.

    Forge. . . uh, projectiles by way of his honkin' huge plasma gun? Otherwise how useless would his power be?

    Psylocke would be a great fighter with limited telekinesis (however they want to handle that).

    Jubilee would have impeccable fashion sense that makes villains ogle her kickin' trenchcoat and stop in their tracks so her sidekick Wolvie can deal with them. Oh, and slightly above average agility, low-level projectiles, excellent speed, and very low strength.

    Shadowcat's power of intangibility would be one of the more useful, but her other attributes would be very low.

    Rogue (not listed, but seems obvious) would be another serious powerhouse, with flight, strength, and durability, but likely slow and with limited fighting ability. They'd almost have to keep her nasty touch-power out of the game.

    But what could Marrow add? The power to suck? The power to get to a special ending sequence that's just Professor X laughing at you and calling you a lame loser? I'd rather have Spyke from Evolution thrown in the mix! At least he's cool.
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    Marrow does seem like an odd choice on first reading this, but the more I think about it - the more I can see her allure to video game designers. Who wouldn't want the challenge of animating a bony looking girl pulling loose bones out of different parts of her body and throwing them a bad guys? It suits the video game medium very well - much more interesting than having one of the other characters throw knives or shuriken or what have you.

    I like the idea of this game, and will eagerly anticipate renting it upon release. We've needed a good playable X-Men adventure game since the X-Men 2 came out on Genesis.

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    Re: X-Men Legends RPG!!

    The E3 2004 Game Trailer is up for download now, and it sure does look kick arse. With all the time that's been put into this game, lets hope it's as good as the previews make it look.

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    Re: X-Men Legends RPG!!

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be a mediocre RPG with a flashy X-Men image slapped on.
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    Re: X-Men Legends RPG!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason
    We've needed a good playable X-Men adventure game since the X-Men 2 came out on Genesis.
    Man I loved that game. My favorite character has always been Nightcrawler and in this game he was a blast to play with his teleporting abilities.

    I'm really looking forward to this game but unfortunately very few comic books have made the transition to video games with much success.

    A KOTOR style (real time battles rather than turn based) X-Men RPG would be ideal.
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    Re: X-Men Legends RPG!!

    Pretty interesting, and a very cool concept!
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    Re: X-Men Legends RPG!!

    The Official X-Men Legends website is up now. And it gives us a few more reveals of the line up. Though oddly enough, Forge and Beast seem to be missing from those early lists. Maybe they just don't have room for them in the top bar at the moment. The 15 characters in the upper bar are:

    Wolverine, Rogue, Cyclops, Colossus, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Havok, Psylocke, Thunderbird, Banshee, Shadowcat, Storm, Iceman, Marrow, Gambit.

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