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    Let's go to the Movies....What's your wish?

    Well, it appears that there are a lot of movies coming out that look pretty good. I still need to catch up with "The Cooler", "50 First Dates", but it looks like this Spring will have some good movies......

    I hope to see...
    Ladies Man (?) (with Tom Hanks)
    obviously The Cooler, 50 First dates
    new Jim Carey film

    Looks good right now...what's yours?

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    My to see list:

    In Theaters:
    The Punisher(!)
    Jersey Girl
    Kill Bill vol.2

    On DVD:
    Cold Mountain
    Master and Commander
    Mystic River
    School of Rock
    Big Fish
    Stuck on You
    American Splendor
    Shattered Glass
    Love Actually (Keira - Yum!)
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    I have a "meeting" scheduled tomorrow so I can go off and see "Dawn of the Dead." With a few co-workers going with me, we just chalk this up to a "team building event."
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    The Punisher
    "It can't rain all the time."

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    i don't plan on giving the entertainment industry too much money for movies at the theater (last matinee i went to was $7.50). however, i will see dawn of the dead, punisher and kill bill (2) on the big screen. all other recent flicks will have to wait for a blockbuster friday nite.


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