I was off visiting the in-laws this past week in Saginaw, MI and found quite a bit of stuff I didn't have. I found all the Jedi High Council and Geonosian War Room sets. Three of them were available aplenty for $9.98 at Target. One I picked up for $21.99 at TRU. I also found R-3PO, Ak Med Beq (I know, a peg warmer for many of you, but this is the first I saw of him), Hoth Luke, and r2-D2 - Jabba's Sail barge.

They had 3-4 Durge w/Speeder Bikes at Meijers, and almost all of the animated clone wars figures at Target. They also had the Darth Maul and Ben Kenobi glass and figure sets at Target. I was tempted until I saw them. If the glasses were actually made of glass and not plastic, I would have bought them, but $10.00 is a bit steep for a plastic cup that comes with an action figure that was being unloaded for $1.99 not too long ago. The packaging was also very uninteresting.