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    Where is the TRU X-Wing?

    Not only have I not seen this in stores, or heard of anyone finding them, I also can no longer find it on the Amazon/TRU web site. Did I miss something about this?
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    I preordered it way back when it first hit the site. Then I changed my mind about a week ago and cancelled the preorder. Now I have Tanus Spijek. BTW, he did not cost me $29.99 but a respectable $8.
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    You're talking about the Red Leader X-Wing?
    No... never hit stores.
    Word is that it's vanished from the TRU Web site. Looks like it has. There's no real explanation going around as to why. I dunno, I dunno...

    (The thing's silly anyway with that paper astromech and all.)


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