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    Horrors of Star Wars hunting!!

    Let me tell you a little story:
    yesterday we decided to go off Star Wars hunting...trying to track down some of the figures that have been eluding us!! Weeeeeellll...we started out in our home town..well sorta..we have to t...ravel 15 miles to the nearest store!...we looked in all the local stores including WM..and NOTHING! we went another 25 miles to the next town...we visited 2 walmarts,1 target, 1 K-mart and a couple of DG and NOTHING!! SOOOO..we decided to go to the capital... of kansas Topeka...somewhere you don't want to go on a saturday afternoon!! we started out on the 70 mile trip...halfway to Topeka we got a major the middle of nowhere..we didn't even have a good spare tire...we had to use the crappy small hotwheels size temporary tire!!! after a lengthy discussion with a local sheriffs deputy (who was real nice) we continued on to Topeka...against the sheriffs advice, because of the tire.
    We got to Topeka...and after 2 WM super centers, 1 Target, 1TRU, 1 super K-Mart, 2 DG and we even tried tuesday morning store...ABSOLUTLEY ZILTCH...NOTHING SQUAT!!!!...everything was gone...thats even if they had pegs for Star store (WM) had 3 pegs...squeezed in between LOTR and marvel figures...that had 2 hoth soldiers...and thats it!!...So after 8 hours and way over 200 miles we finally got home with a couple of figures we already had, but we got them for some peeps on here coz they needed them, sometimes we wonder if it is worth all the hassle...we almost got to the point of putting everyting on ebay, and be done with it!!..But of course we are not...although we could do with the space LOL (so my wife says)
    Has anyone else had any huge probs trying to get these things??? I am just real happy there are a few nice ppl on here that will trade and not rip you off!!
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    Wow! I really have nothing to compare with that. Since I live in Orlando, there are plenty of WM's, Targets, TRU's, KB's & a few K-Marts. Things have been really dry lately but with help from a few friends, I've found most of it. Although, I have resorted to ebay for my last 4 figures.

    I would probably put in as much or maybe more mileage if I did a wide circle around the Greater Orlando area. Probably would come up dry, too.
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    For three months I found nothing. When I drop off the step kids to go to their dads ouse, I sometimes hunt on the way back hitting 2 K-marts, 4 Wal-Marts, and a Target. Usually find nothing. It is heartbreaking and nausiating at the same time, ubt that one time when you do find new stuff, it makes it all go away. Trust me, patience will pay off. And dont put them on Ebay until you offer them here first.
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    Back when I had a little more time, I could hit 4 Targets, 3 TRU's, 2 Walmarts, and 3 KB's to kill a morning. But after consistently coming up empty handed, I logged into KEBco's One of Every Figure Club and those frustrating wasted days are a thing of the past. Now I only really go out when Army Builders or Exclusives are afoot. Do yourself a favor and order online. The dollar or two you think you're saving by waiting for retail sales is wasted in the gas and time you spend driving around with nothing to show for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentsteel70 after a lengthy discussion with a local sheriffs deputy (who was real nice) we continued on to Topeka...
    First up let me say... a while ago when passing through your lovely state, somewhere between Wichita and Topeka, I got nailed for speeding. Your cops are scary. Never speed in Kansas!!!

    Anyway. (That sucks about the blowout.) Seems things are slim all over. With gas prices the way they are it hurts to drive around for nothing. All I can offer, is to pick one or two good stores and then hit them in the mornings on a regular basis. The only positive flip-side to living in LA and paying 2.20 for cheap gas, is that we've also got a bazillion Targets, Wal-Marts and TRUs. Problem is, we've also got a bazillion scalpers. They can't be everywhere at once though and some mornings they can be a little slow to leave their hive... that's when you'll score.

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    I don't bother to check the stores nearly as often as I used to since it seems to be a major disappointment 95% of the time. I only pop into one if I happen to be by it anyway. I find that the long despairing times are punctuated by sudden windfalls. I've posted elsewehere about my huge finds when I visited my inlaws in Michigan.

    I understand the urge to just drop the hobby as it has become increasingly hard to come by product (I was just thinking about how prior to the Mon Mothma wave I could leave stuff on the shelf and come back to pick it up on another visit. Try doing that now.). I've come to that point myself on several occassions, the last time being in the Fall of 2003 when I hadn't found much of anything new since the initial Saga waves. I was tremendously far behind and didn't see how I was ever going to catch up if nothing ever came to the stores.

    I'm now down to being behind by about a dozen figures, the Eopie w/Qui-Gon, the two AOTC speeder bike sets and two ships (one being the Shuttle). I've found that stuff that's over four months old can be found for prices comparable to what you'd pay for it if you found it at retail. When the heat dies on the new waves, the prices go down. So, the stuff that I haven't found since December, which includes R1-G4, who's been on my want list for years, will be mine eventually. I just need to have some patience. I waited until two weeks ago for the Commtech R2 w/Leia hologram, and only had to pay $12 including shipping for it vs the $50 it was going for a couple years ago.

    I use the time and money that I'm not spending when I can't find stuff in the stores to fill in any gaps that I have, and I usually end up spending what I would have if I'd found them in the stores to start with.

    I'd join Kebco if I didn't work a freelance job with peaks an valleys in income. I can't predict that in 4 months time that when 2 waves, a deluxe wave, 3 vehicles, and a scene pack all come in at once, that I'll be able to pay for them all at once, so it's more commitment than I can give. If I could though, I'd join in a flash. I love the hunt. There's nothing more satisfying than turning that corner in the action figure aisle and finding something you don't have and being able to take it home that day. But, now that those finds are becoming more and more infrequent, why continue to bring so much disappointment into a hobby that's supposed to be fun?

    The experiences we're all having make it sound like we're collecting paper dolls from the 1880's instead of toys that are new and allegedly mass produced and available to anyone who wants them.

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    Thats very true, by the time we put gas(which prices are horrendous) and a new tire on the car, we could have bought two full cases from entertainment earth. thanks for a good tips I'll check out kebco
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish
    First up let me say... a while ago when passing through your lovely state, somewhere between Wichita and Topeka, I got nailed for speeding. Your cops are scary. Never speed in Kansas!!!
    never, ever speed in kansas you will get caught. i frequently drive from denver to stl. i'll see maybe one cop in CO and MO and pass 7 within the first 15 minutes of being in kansas. they also don't give much of a cushion, if you're above the posted limit then you're speeding.

    i've found that shopping in any mid-sized or larger city is not the area i'd like to be on a weekend afternoon.

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    Wow that's quite the amount of area you covered ss70. I guess that is the drawback of living in rural America. Retail Stores aren't centrally located like they are in big cities and mid-size cities as well. If I wanted to, I can probably hit the same amount of stores while making a round trip of 45-50 miles.

    Another thing is to anticipate failure. Coming away empty-handed is a common occurence. Before I go on hunts, I always keep a few nonStar Wars items that I might need, in mind so that my trips aren't total disappointments. You might not have found that Rappertunie you wanted but hey, the maxi-pads you need will always be located in aisle 12.

    And it sounds like you carpool which is a great way to share the burden that traveling has to offer.
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    I live in Syracuse, and we just got our first Target store, don't ask my why it took so long 'cause there's like a million of them around us, even in dinky little towns you've never even heard hopefully they'll bring a better selection of SW figs! However, Syracuse has always sucked for getting new figs and it doesn't matter wether or not it's WM TRU, BigK, or wherever! Suppossedly, we have one of the top TRU in NY state(TRU has some weird way of grading their stores(kinda like hotels and restaurants with their star system)) and yet it is always the last to get anything in, let alone the really good stuff! So when I make my Bi-weekly trips down to NYC to buy merchandise for my business, I usually stop at this one TRU in Jersey on the way back home to check what they have! But due to the lack of figs in the past 8 years in the Syracuse area, I pretty much have stopped chasing down stuff unless I stop at a store in an area that I'm working in after my day is done and I'm heading back home. I pretty much just resort to picking up the new figs that are released around the release of the movies and big events , when they are plentiful, and am happy with just that and then try to pick up what I can here and there as the year(s) goes on! Once in a great while one of my Importers will get some cases of older figures(meaning, whatever last years releases were) that I'll pick up because I know there's valuable figs within, and then just sell the others or just give 'em away, although usually they just end up in my wharehouse or attic to collect dust with everything else!!!
    What's worse is I couldn't tell you what's what in SW figures anymore, I picked up a couple of the new clone wars cartoon figs, but mostly I've been buying the newer Transformers stuff more than I have SW!
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