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    Has anyone attempted a series of "canon timelines"?

    Don't start by pointing me to whatever Lucasfilm's official timeline is. That's not exactly what I'm asking here.

    There are several different Star Wars canons at this point. Many times, they simply cannot jive. Up until shortly before the Disney takeover, there was a sort of attempt to make everything fit, which sometimes caused some real headaches.

    But has anyone (or, more likely, some group, since this would entail a ton of work) attempted to produce and publish a regularly-updated series of timelines for each known canon, showing where they intersect and where they split?

    Obviously, there would be some things that fit together with minor finagling (the first Clone Wars series and Labyrinth of Evil come to mind, with the details of the battle with Grievous being the only major differences), but The Glove of Darth Vader doesn't mesh with the Thrawn Trilogy, which doesn't fit with what we know of the new trilogy. The Force Unleashed seems to contradict all other old EU sources, as well as possibly Rebels. The second Clone Wars series blatantly contradicts the prior comics and books set during the period. Shaak Ti's died multiple times in multiple ways. Droids and the Brian Wood comic exist totally in universes of their own.

    Seems like this could be quite interesting, done right. Particularly if so much of the older, semi-invalidated material will still be widely available... and it's safe to say a new wave of fans will be snatching up all things Star Wars come December.
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    Prior to the canon split last year, Lucasfilm considered just about everything to be in the same canon, but had established those oft-discussed levels of canon, with the movies on top, TV shows right below it, and going down from there, with things like the original Marvel comics being pretty far down the list (since there wasn't much attempt to make everything connect back then). Those only really came into play when one thing contradicted another, and the version in the higher level of canon would supersede the version in the lower level of canon; otherwise, everything was fair play, and retcons would occur when needed. Leland Chee's holocron meticulously followed and categorized everything in every story, and he was often the one responsible for those retcons.

    I know you didn't want a discussion of what Lucasfilm considers canon, but I think it's important here since this is essentially how most fans treated it as well. You're the first person I've seen claim that SW had multiple canons, so no, I've never seen anything like what you're discussing. I have seen Clone Wars timelines that integrated everything from both series, comics, books, video games, and whatever else, but that was an attempt to make everything fit, not to keep things separate. It seems to me that most fans who are interested in this (like people who edit Wookieepedia) are/were more interested in making everything fit instead of making multiple timelines, which is why so many EU fans took the canon announcement so hard.
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    Didn't say I didn't want an official canon; just that's not what I have in mind right now. There's definitely one official timeline going forward, and it's rather easy to follow. Just wondering if anyone has deciphered what, without forcing (cough, original Marvel run, Glove of Darth Vader) fits together how.
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    Closest I can recall would be Pablo Hidalgo's SW: The Essential Reader's Companion tome. I don't remember if there's a timeline or running chronology in it.
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