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    Hasbro: E1 Vs. POTJ bracket Tourney

    Hasbro has a new bracket tournament up at their Star Wars site. Again they messed up, just like in the POTJ tournament. The used Amidala:Battle (which is a E1 figure) as a POTJ choice. Here is a link:

    Hasbro: E1 vs. POTJ

    With the large numbers of POTJ figures, I'm sure they could have chosen a different Amidala (or Sabe) from the POTJ line. Amidala: Theed, Sabe: Battle (which I think is the figure they keep meaning to put there) or heck, even the new Sabe: Queen's Decoy.
    Come on Hasbro, guys make the figures, quit screwing up.

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    Come on Hasbro, guys make the figures, quit screwing up.
    Ah, but is Hasbro directly the ones that maintain the website? Methinks not...

    Rather, place blame the web designer(s) they have who does such mistakes. We shouldn't be quick to blame Hasbro...
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    True, my bad. Though ya think Hasbro would take the time to make sure things are correct, it makes them look bad with so many glaring errors. The tournaments are pretty bad anyway. They choose some of the worst figures to compete, instead of using a much better sculpted version that came out shortly after. Here is a list of the errors:

    In the original POTF2 one, they used a picture of the 1995 original Obi-Wan Kenobi, for the figure titled "Obi-Wan Kenobi: Hood Up". They used a picture of the vintage Royal Guard, as the POTF2 one. And even the winning figure, Darth Vader: Removable helmet is represented by the 1995 Darth Vader.

    In the E1 figure line tournament, there were no major mistakes, other then some of their choices. But I digress on that, since who knows how they pick which figures are chosen for the line up. I would have to guess....a hat. :P

    In the POTJ figure line Tournament, a picture of the 12" IG-88 was used instead of the 4". The inclusion of Snaggletooth (a figure that is just now coming out) is a little odd as well, but not an error, although he was the only figure chosen, that wasn't out yet. And the E1 Queen Amidala: Battle was included in the poll, not even being a POTJ figure.

    And now, in the POTJ vs. E1 Tournament, the same 12" figure picture represents the 4" IG-88. In the choice between Obi-Wan: Jedi and Han Solo: Bespin Capture..both figures are POTJ figures. I am thinking it was intended to be the E1 soft-goods Obi-Wan, just the wrong picture was used. And then again, Queen Amidala: Battle is used to represent the POTJ figure line.

    Whoever is responsible for the website, really needs to be more careful with what they do....or, atleast correct errors, once they are brought to their attention. These seem to be mostly just examples of sloppy research. Come on, whoever it is working for that site. Get on the ball.

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