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    Resculp Roundup (Who needs a redo?)

    I've seen various threads in which suggestions or desires for specific figures are voiced and, almost without exception, there is always at least one previously produced character in need of a resculpt. I thought it would be best to make a single-thread overview of those I felt were in need of a makeover. This is by no means a complete list, so feel free to include others I may have missed along with your comments. The characters are listed in no particular order.

    1. R5-D4 - Though rumored to already be in production, I've seen no good confirmation. Of all of the characters produced to date, this on is by far the one most in need of the resculpt treatment. A break-apart, missle firing body? Where did that come from? Ok, I know it was the "save the idea" off-shoot of the projected "Attack R2-D2" (which was to have been accompanied on a seperate card by "Attack C-3PO" which left me for years fearful of "Attack K-3PO") which was (thankfully) vetoed by LucasFilm. However it appears Lucas has less of a place in his heart for the hapless Astromech with the bad motivator and let this version go straight to the factory floor and into our hands despite our dissatisfaction. A remake only makes sense, both from this standpoint and for the ability to make other R5-D4-sytle droids in the future. (Personally I would love that one with the all-yellow head and yellow highlights, though I do not recall the call numbers).

    2. - Dr. Evezan - There are two reasons the nefarious Evezan needs a resculpt. Number one, not everyone bought or was able to buy the Cinema Scene that was his showcase, and number two, the sculpt quite frankly stunk. I've wanted an Evezan figure for over 20 years and when we finally get one he looks more like Jack Nicholson with a lazy eye than Dr. Evezan. And I saw pictures of this figure when it was in production and the sculpter had one of the best photos of the actor in make-up I've seen! Put one of the current sculpters behind such figures as the new Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot on this one and we will get what we need. Oh yes, and tone down the exagerated action pose.

    3. Uncle Owen - Like the good (or evil) doctor above, Owen Lars needs a non-exagerated sculpt that anyone who wants to buy JUST ONE FIGURE can purchase. The only real detractor to the original is the placement of the arms. The head sculpt could use a little more detail as well. And as for accessories? Don't give him a Tatooine "squirrel gun" (like the one Luke carried to watch for Sandpeople), have him come with something related to the homestead. No, not more "blue milk" glasses. Pair Luke's uncle with a 2X-3KPR "porchlight" droid (seen in the background milling around at dusk as Luke searched the horizon for R2). Sure Owen never stood next to one on film, but then Beru didn't exactly have a Treadwell doing the dishes with her either. Show a commitment to keeping characters together with reasonable accessories that reflect the scenes in which they appear!

    4. Han Solo (Hoth) - I have made quite a case for this one on the tread with this figure as the subject. I will say only that I currently refer to the POTF2 version as "split second Han" because, though I have not had a chance to confirm this, there may be a split second of film in which you can espy Han with the hood of his coat down but the Rebel supplied cold-weather hat still on his head and not crumpled into his hand). A less exagerated pose and something akin to the head on the Han that came with the TaunTaun is what we desire.

    5. Ponda Boba - We need a Ponda that falls (in sculpt) somewhere between the POTF2 release and the Cinema Scenes release in regard to its sculpt. A little more action than the carded version, a lot less than the CS incarnation. Oh yes, and a removeable lower arm!

    6. Yoda - The "Flashback Photo" series did little to help the old Jedi Master. The rooted hair was a touch I can't decide if I love or hate. At any rate, he could sure stand a resculpt and better accessories. Leave out the backpack in favor of a snake and a swamp flyer (smaller than the one permanantly attached to the Dagobah Complete Galaxy globe). Let Yoda keep the lantern and cook-pot however, to round out his accessories.

    7. Luke (Dagobah) - I always thought this was a nice touch, to have a separate Dagobah training version of Luke. The original still bears too much of the "beefed up" approach of early POTF2 figures. Give Luke the backpack that Yoda came with and some non-weapon accessories. He should come with interchangable hands so he can do handstands and a stack of stones and a container to move with the force. A Dagobah version of R2 could come with additional containers as well as a power generator.

    8. Lobot - I couldn't wait to have a Lobot figure and what did we get? ACTION Lobot! All of the noble dignity of this character was lost by putting him in a mambo pose. Sure he has puffy sleeves but he's not at Carnival in Rio! Give us a Lobot we can be proud of, Hasbro.

    9. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disquise) - Not a two pack, just saving some space here. Both of these guys need a refit. And using two different poses for the bodies, plus the newly resculpted helmets which are so much more accurate. Give Luke a Stormtrooper blaster and a mouse droid, give Han a blaster rifle to hand off to Chewie and a HOLSTERED Stormtrooper blaster.

    10. Death Star Trooper - Another victim of the exagerated action pose. Give this officer of the Imperial Navy a more natural looking pose and give him a holsterable pistol like that which will accompany the new Rebel Fleet Trooper. Remember, that was another type of Imperial blaster carried by Death Star Troopers.

    11. Princess Leia (Bespin) - Like so many others, the need is two-fold. First, not everyone bought the two-packs and of course, a better sculpt would be nice.

    12. Momaw Nadon - With the incredible attention paid to accuracy in the latest figures, Momaw Nadon needs a resculpt to give us a figure that is just that much more accurate to the movie version, and with jointed legs so he can be seated!

    Well, I think twelve was enough of a stretch. I'm sure there are more and they will be addressed by others. I await your comments!

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    I'd like to see a better Luke Jedi Knight! Cloth cape is mandatory, and I also think a nice touch would be an interchangeable hand, one gloved and one artificial.

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    In retrospect I found another had escaped my mind:

    13. Emperor's Royal Guard - We need a replacement for the mumu wearing version in the worst way. Go with cloth as in the original, vintage release. And remember, only one arm is visible! It only makes sense to make this figure as, with few changes, an Episode II Courscan Guard can be made.

    14. Couriscant Guard - The Royal Guard got me thinking about this one. Again, only one arm is visible kids! A cloth outer cape will help with the issue of the unused other arm.

    Keep those resculpt ideas coming!

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    I used to be totally satisfied with the Cantina Aliens up to this point, until the release of the Duro. I'm not saying all of them need to be redone, just the major ones: Walrusman, Hammerhead, Greedo and Dr. Evazan. Three of them for the reasons JediCole stated above and Greedo with more precise color matching and a shiny head like in the film.

    Hoth Rebel Soldier- why in the world haven't these been remade yet? I usually dislike the GI Joe articulation but for a figure like this (and the Endor Rebel Commando) it seems fitting.

    Dagobah Luke-read JediCole's reasons above.

    Skiff Guards-the Nikto and Klaatu were never even on a Skiff in the film (did you think we'd forget?) and the Barada was a perfect example of a decent sculpt ruined by a horrible paint job. So another three-pack would be cool, but unlikely. I propose Hasbro should just focus on the Nikto, 2nd Weequay and Kithaba characters from the prisoner Skiff, since none of those have ever been made before. I would say make everyone from the Skiff but unless you're prepared to release a larger, correct-scale Skiff toy then there's really no point.

    Luke Jedi-there'd have to be two versions, one for the Jabba scenes with a vest and CLOTH cloak, and one for the Final Duel without the cloak and maybe have the corner of his shirt hanging down, like at the end of the battle. Both would have one ignited lightsaber and one deactivated saber hilt, which could clip onto his belt a la Naboo Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan.

    I can't think of any more at this time, when I do I'll be sure to post them.
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    Now, pls don't get mad at me because I'm gonna vote for this fig again - General Veers, with removable helmet

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    Here's more:

    AT-AT Driver: decent job, but you can do better

    TIE Fighter Pilot: again another decent figure, for it's time, but I'd like to see a more accurate one in height and proportion.

    Emperor's Royal Guard: everyone knows why this one needs to be remade, it's a shame when the figure that came out fourteen years before looks better than the new version.

    Snowtrooper: more accurate and proportional

    Imperial Gunner: shorter with baggier looking clothing

    That's all for now...
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    In my eyes, the main figure that needs a resculpt is the emperor's royak guard. If they were to redo this one i'd be happy.

    A new Luke Jedi would be cool too, but the Emperor's Royal Guard is more important in my eyes.
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    If we wait long enough every will post about every figure needing a resculpt. I am sick of resculpts. I want NEW figures, not resculpts. So with that in mind, here are my resculpts wish list.

    R2-D2 cause we only have a few already.

    Darth Vader cause we only have 20!! already.

    Chewbacca cause we only have a few already.

    Classic Leia cause we only have a get the point.

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    I agree with all the people above (except for the eternal padawan) Did anyone ever tell you that quality not quanity story why have all these cool new figures when the main guy in the whole story still looks like crap! And Humsup this day I will not be mad at you for I would love a removable chest plate and helmet Veers!
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