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    Talking Star Wars III Hits Soon!

    This thread is a sort of continuation of another thread under Classic Trilogy, What Would Be Fun To See, in which everyone pretends it's 22 years ago and posts speculation and spoilers regarding The Empire Strikes Back.

    For this thread, pretend it's 19 years ago and we're eagerly awaiting the third film.

    Star Wars III is coming! I've heard both the names Revenge of the Jedi and Blue Harvest being tossed around. Whatever it turns out to be, this forum is for thoughts and info on Chapter VI of Luke Skywalker's tale.

    I'm sure two questions are on everyone's mind: Does Luke believe Darth Vader's lie? Who is this "other" hope?

    I for one can't wait to see Vader's volcano lair and see Boba Fett and his little band of bounty hunters in action!
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    Here's two posts from Star Wars discussion from the early 80s archived online. that can start this off nicely.

    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    I have it on good faith that Mon Calimari are little furry creatures on the green moon base of Imperial Center that help overthrow the Empire.
    Originally posted by bigbarada
    I guess that makes sense, I had heard of short furry creatures but someone called them "Wooklings."

    I once heard George saying that Episodes 7-9 would be about the survivor of Episodes 4-6. Only one survivor? I wonder who it will be? Probably not Han, I foresee a botched rescue attempt. As for Luke I think, if what Vader told him is true, will fall close to the dark side. Hey! That makes sense, Luke kills Vader and turns to the Dark Side then 7-9 are about his reign of terror and the band of heroes who fight to stop him. What do you all think?

    I've heard we actually get to see the Emperor, but they didn't get Clive Revill to do the voice. Now what kind of sense does that make? I sense a continuity problem.
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    What choo talkin' 'bout, El Chuxter? Blue Harvest is a horror movie, not a Star Wars title! I think you've been tricked. The title I'd heard was "The Search For Han Solo." Wonder what it'll be about? One thing's for sure, Yoda will be a big part of this film! He has to continue Luke's training, and he was such a great character. Add a few more centuries to his 800-year old life!
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    Centuries? What kind of timespan are you expecting this movie to cover? I've heard that Luke claims to be a full fledged Jedi Knight in this one. Thus, Luke must have gone back to Dagobah to train in between movies. Or are we to believe that the few minutes spent training in TESB are sufficient to be a Jedi?

    I've also heard that Leia doesn't even take part in Han's rescue as she's too busy conducting raids on the Imperial City. (Ooooh sounds like a cool place can't wait to see that!) Guess she was a little miffed at that "I know" comment.
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    "No, there is another" is talking about Han Solo. He is secretly a Jedi Warrior in hiding! Remember how he used Luke's lightsaber on Hoth? And I think Episodes 7-9 will be about him. have you read those awesome Brian Daley books? They wouldn't have written those if the next films weren't about him!

    it's too bad Mr. Lucas said there wouldn't be Episodes 10-12 like he originally said their might be...

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    "No, there is another" is talking about Han Solo.
    I used to totally agree with you on that one, but the more I thought about the "Between the rock and the tree" thing that Yoda said in the last movie, I think the "other" is Chewie! Come on! You know it makes sense. If the Jedi are supposed to be one with "living things" then why not a creature from a forest planet like Kashyyyk?? I heard that there is going to be a forest planet in STAR WARS III so I bet that some big battle will take place there and Chewie will step up and save the day! Why ELSE would they have a forest planet?

    Anyone else with me on this one???
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    Ha! Chewie. Good one JediPartnr. That's about as far fetched as saying Leia is the "other". THAT'S never gonna happen...

    I also heard a stupid rumor that the original Death Star didn't blow all the way up and that the Emperor is using the half that's left to wreak havor again. The guy even had "supposed" concept drawings of a gnarled Death Star with a big chunk blown out of the side. This is patently false because A. They wouldn't leave a dangling plot line like that for the 3 or 4 years since they blew it up and B. Mr. lucas wouldn't recycle lame old ideas like that. What do you guys think?

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    As much as I'd hate to see another Death Star in the next movie, I heard Japanese audiences were disappointed in the ending of Star Wars. They felt Luke should have sacrificed himself by flying into the Death Star's reactor, not just shooting a torpedo at it. But at two meters wide, I don't think he would've fit into the exhaust port

    Still, it would've been excellent to see a Death Star big enough for a ship to fly into. Maybe someday the film's will get remade by a younger director (like Robert Zemekis). That'd be totally awesome!

    As far as "the other" is concerned, I'm betting it's a totally new character. Maybe Lando has an uncle who used to be a Jedi?

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    We all wondered who Boba Fett really is. Well, who else could keep the respect of Darth Vader but another Jedi Knight! Or at least another Sith Lord! He tells Boba "No disintegrations," and I'll bet Sith can do that to people.

    The best thing will be Jabba the Hut. More aliens; yeah! I wonder if Han will fight him one-on-one in SW3. Maybe at the spice mines of Kessel! Cool!
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Even cooler than Jabba (whose just a big fat furry creature) will be his planet! I can't wait to see the new worlds they come up with! A forest world and an underground volcano/lava world have been mentioned, but where will Jabba live? A completely water world? or a barren rocky world? i can't wait!!


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