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    Chef Boyardee Giveaway

    We purchased a case of Chef Boyardee's Beef Ravolis, not too long ago and I didn't notice until after it was bought that there is a Star Wars Clone Wars tie-in.

    If you peel the label of each can (and believe me, it ain't easy) it will reveal if you have won the following prizes.

    GRAND PRIZE: large screen high definition t.v.
    FIRST PRIZE: Ultimate Collection of toys from Hasbro. (25 winners, not sure what it contains. I betcha there is more information on the website Cartoon Network
    SECOND PRIZE: A Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber (10,000 Winners)

    EVERYONE: A Clone Wars digital card. All you have to do is mail in the label and visit the website. I haven't been saving them, but if anyone wants one, I still have about 4 cans left, I can send them one.

    Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy another can of meaty goodness.
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