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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    This really sucks. Axl is a butt hole and I don't like him.
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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    "You Ain't the First" - one of my favorite GNR songs ! ! !

    Special nod to "The Garden" (thank you, Alice Cooper )

    Axl thinks someone is erratic ? That's funny.

    After Brides of Destruction fall apart, maybe he can get Tracii back.

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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    During his tenure with the band, Buckethead has been inconsistent and erratic in both his behavior and commitment despite being under contract creating uncertainty and confusion and making it virtually impossible to move forward with recording, rehearsals and live plans with confidence. His transient lifestyle has made it impossible for even his closest friends to have nearly any form of communication with him whatsoever.

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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    Where to begin...... G'n'R! I loved them in the 80s/90s. At art college they rocked my world! Hell i even grew my hair long! Then got into the grunge scene. I didnt know until 2 weeks ago what the (new) line-up looked like until MTV2 did a live bands show of some MTV awards. And what did i see, Axl Rose looking rougher then a tramp's trouser leg and some tit with a KFC bucket on his head! What the hell happened? I went to see Slash's snakepit in 96/97 (can't quite remember) and they were great. Does anybody know what the new album from Slash is gonna be like?
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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    I really wish that when Axl brought Zakk into GNR, things would have worked out. Zakk would have straightened Axl out, would have literally beat the hell out of him.
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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    there have been a couple of interviews with zakk in the uk rock press recently and it sounds like he would have given it a go but ozzy needed to know if he was joining g'n'r or touring with him and axl was mucking him about and not returning his calls, so he chose to stick with ozzy. he didn't think that the stuff he recorded with g'n'r would ever be released, but then again, will anything that anyone has recorded with g'n'r?

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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    Post Spaghetti-Incident GNR has been really odd. At one point, I recall Shaquille O'Neal was guest-rapping on a track from Chinese Democracy (which has probably been wiped in the gazillion re-records they've done).

    At least we have Velvet Revolver to look forward to, and Izzy and Gilby keep on releasing excellent solo albums (even if Izzy's are only available as imports).

    Slash's Snakepit recorded two albums. The first was pretty cool, but the second blew chunks. Worse than Duff's solo album from 1993. They're both in Velvet Revolver, which sounds like vintage GNR with Scott Weiland on vocals. I've not heard anything from them aside from "Set Me Free" (from the Hulk soundtrack), which is more then enough to ensure I'll be getting that one.
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    Re: Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show

    I saw Snakepit open for AC/DC in the summer of 2000 and of course Ryan Roxie who was in Snakepit early on is now with Alice Cooper.

    I met Ryan while waiting to get inside for an Alice show in 2001 . . . nobody else recognized him but as soon as I asked him to take a pic with me and sign my ticket stub, everybody had to jump in line.
    I was ticked because I had no CDs for him to sign but I just met Alice the night before at a signing so I didn't think anything would come up.

    Oh yeah, GNR - Zakk might just be as crazy as Axl but at least Zakk has a work ethic.

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    That's the thing with GNR: I loved Appetite, enjoyed Spaghetti, and rocked to the Illusions.

    I saw them in concerts a few times as well. They always managed to screw up or get into fights with each other, stop a song and restart it, walk off the stage...I was fortunate in that I don't ever recall holding tickets to a cancelled show.

    But the point is, GNR is unreliable directly because of its band members / former members. Skid Row opened for them at one show I saw them in and I totally came away just thinking how thankful I was to see Sebastian Bach.

    Another time I saw GNR with Metallica. Of course that was a powerful lineup, but you don't even have to guess who played better.

    As to a future for GNR? Those guys will have to prove themselves to many like me who SHOULD already be their fans. What that means? I'll borrow someone else's CD if a new one comes out and spend some time listening to it and then decide if I want to buy a copy for myself.

    You know: if Queensryche puts out a new CD, I know it's good before I even open the wrapper. That's the difference.
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    So is there a new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new release date for the record yet? Which of corpse will be pushed back even further.


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