View Poll Results: Are you planning to preorder the OT DVDs?

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  • Yes, definitely, as soon as I can

    52 24.30%
  • Maybe, but waiting for other offers

    43 20.09%
  • Nah, I'll just pick it up in stores

    100 46.73%
  • No, I don't want to buy this set ever

    19 8.88%
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    For new movies, WM usually will carry both. But will stock less of the WS versions. For older ones, it seems they only get in the one version. I know the one by me only has the FS version of new SE 'Planet of the Apes'. I'm sure in this case, they will have plenty of both versions.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'm going to wait to get it in the stores. There are ususally great deals at some of the outlets here and I don't expect anything different for SW. In fact, with the huge interest in this set I'm sure there will be some outstanding deals to be had that first day/week.
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    At WM you got to kneel down and grab the WS version off the bottom row of the pallet stackbase.
    There is like 6 rows of DVDs total on the display and the 5 top rows are FOOL screen where the bottom row is only where the WS is. I'll wait of course. I work nights at WM and they drop the pallets at midnight. I take break 10 minutes later and whamo!!!!!! 10% discount.

    The reason there seems to be only FOOL screen is because all the WS is gone, because I bought them all HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    $42 US with free shipping is a tempting deal, but I'm going to hold off and buy it at retail on the release date. That way I can watch what I want asap. If I wind up paying a few dollars more to get it right away, I can live with that. We've been waiting long enough.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I plan on pre-ordering my copy through wal-mart or target. Whichever has the cheapest price. Wal-mart usually is the lowest price when it comes to dvd's.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'm going to pre-order mine through my local Blockbuster Video. Not the cheapest place, but I'm good friends with most of the staff including managers, so I'll be able to grab it at midnight. I've done it before, they just stay open a bit longer just for me to grab movies that come out the next day (its legal...I buy them the day of release...12:01am ).

    Its not a contest to me, but I like having it as soon as I can. That and I don't want to wake up early and head to the local stores just to see a huge line or empty shelves (whichever one it ends up being). Plus I don't like waking up early.


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