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    What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    Ah, the ongoing tale of the silver exclusive figures, those rereleased figures turned silver and put onto special commemorative cards.

    First there was Star Wars' silver anniversary figure, Darth Vader, chromed in multiple colors and super-exclusive, being available only at Toy Fair 2002 and briefly through the Fan Club.

    Then came R2-D2, also chromed in multiple colors but not hard at all to acquire, being available at Toys R Us stores all over the country as a giveaway after a spending $20 as well as in some stores sold directly.

    After that was Boba Fett, who was painted silver instead of chromed, and available at several different conventions last summer for just $10 as well as briefly through the Fan Club.

    Fourth was the oft-delayed silver Clone Trooper, another silver-painted figure who was released overseas some time before its US-debut earlier this month at Toys R Us website and stores, where some instances had it on sale directly for $5 or $6 even though officially it was a giveaway for spending $15.

    Now comes news of this summer's newest convention exclusive, the silver-painted Sandtrooper, who will be available at various conventions for $10 as well as through the Fan Club at a later date.

    So what do you think of these exclusive silvery repaints? Cast your vote above and share your thoughts.

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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    I'm happy with them. I'm a carded collector, so I think it's great to have those silver figures to mix the collection up a little. Kind of like those animated style Clone Wars figures.

    Now if this turns into a line where there's like 20 of these figures, well, then I might have to change my tune.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    The Toy Fair Vader looks really cool in the pictures, from what I've seen.

    I like my Chrome R2-D2, even if TRU had a little confusion over how to handle the exclusive.

    The Silver Fett was well done.

    The Silver Clone Trooper seems to be a total CLUSTER, not only did TRU handle the thing badly (ie selling a dozen to one guy for a penny a piece, then charging $4.99 each a day later, and giving them away with $15.00 purchase the day after that!!! ) Not to mention that from reports I have seen, about 66% of these things shipped with crushed bubbles. Oh and some of these (mine included) have truely horrible paint jobs with large, visible patches of white!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I like the figures, they are a cool idea, but Hasbro went cheap on us and reuined a good idea. First they switch to cheap silver paint (as opposed to "vac metal") then they barely even paint them.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    I haven't had some of the problems that others have had obtaining these fig's. I would like the line a lot better if the fig's all were made the way the TF Vader was as opposed to the spray painting that the Clone underwent. I'd also like to see the fig's released on time (the Clone says on the package 2003).

    For the most part it could be argued that all of the offerings to date have been 'icons' of the SW franchise (Vader, R2, Boba and now a Clone), but I think it will get a little muddy with the addition of the Sand Trooper.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    I think it was a great idea that has gone cheap. Ever since they switched to silver paint, it has ruined the quality factor.

    I stopped by the local TRU the other day to get the Clone Trooper. I ultimately passed on it because it just looks cheap. Very little articulation, poor paint job and on top of all that, it looks like the blaster is GLUED to his hand! I could be wrong because I didn't get it and open it but it looked like glue to me.

    Also, almost every one of them (they had them in a dump bin) had partially crushed bubbles. Probably mostly due to the bubble being too thin in the first place. I collect carded figures, so an intact bubble is one of the things I desire.

    I don't know what others have seen, but the blaster was bent in every package I saw. I am disappointed to say the least.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    Junk. It's like crack for carded collectors. I picked up the silver Vader pretty cheap because I thought it might be cool to have. But I was unimpressed when I finally got him. The initial idea was a great, but continuing it I think is a poor idea at best.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    I oicked good at first but getting old. I dont have the vader or R2(but getting one), got the Fett and getting a Clone. I think they should only be offered at conventions and not promoted throuigh TRU as well or vice versa. One place and only one per yearis fine. But in the last year we will have 3 of them. There is no novelty left to the idea. If they offered in the US for this years conventions the 2-pack Battle Droid and SBD, that would have been great. Hasbro is flooding the market with different exclusives and it is driving us mad.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    If you want a really cool looking plated figure (your choice), just look in the yellow pages for "plating" or "metal platers" (I don't remember which we found it under), make a call, and for very little you can have the figure or vehicle of your dreams. We had our choice of chrome, nickel, copper and gold.

    The down side is that you'll have to card it yourself.
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    Thumbs down Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    rare at 1st old now, i think the only "silver" figure still worth it is the vader figure since its the most rare.
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    Re: What do you think of all these Silver exclusive figures?

    See, the thing about a rare exclusive is that first it should be "rare," and second it should be "exclusive." I don't necessarily mean that each piece should be difficult to obtain, but I don't think that there should be a huge series of them. One or two silver things is fine. At that stage their unique etc. Now it's getting a little too run o' the mill.


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